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Hi folks, I am not a big drinker and have stayed away from Spirits the past 20 years, always happy to stick with a decent real ale or two.

Thus past year though i have been looking at Whiskey and thinking that I want to find a really decent one that doesnt cost hundreds of pounds. So the last part of 2017 i tried out a bottle of Talisker ( im sure that is what it was called) and to my surprise i found it quite pleasant on the pallet. No real harsh kick to the throat, but still a warming sensation that started in the mouth and finished part way down my chest.

Never really liking Whiskey before, this did surprise me that hang on, this isnt that bad. Now i presume my opinion of whiskey until now was based on one night in my late teens, queing outside our local rock night club and being given a small plastic glass with perhaps a centimetre of whisky in it just to keep us warm whilst waiting to get in. It was awful and since then i have never touched it. Until my old boss gave me a shot of his single malt whilst at the first tee during a competiton i was in with other colleagues, and boy that was nice.

I would love to find one that gave me that feeling again of wow that was smooth, not harsh but gently warming your throat.

So, im on my fourth bottle now called Highland Park Viking Honour and about to take my first sip.

I have tried an Aldi special that i believe is called speyside or something. A single malt no less and not a bad one but not close to my perfect one.

I also tried Jura. Now this one again single malt was smooth and not harsh, so far the best i have tried up to yet.

I am told laphraig is supposed to be nice, ill try that one next unless anyone has any suggestions - bearing in mind my budget is no more than £30 +-1 or 2.

Please upvote, and do let me know any suggestions for 2018 on my whisky trail

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Single malt scotch is a must!

I am glad I saw your upvote on my most recent blog.

You really do have to approach scotch as an adult and not bomb a shot like we were in college!

What I recommend to folks looking to start an addiction is not spend too much on something that you might not have the pallet for, or too little and get something like Johnny Walker Black swill. My cognac snob likes to call these "plunk," meaning good value, good taste and widely available.

Here are a couple ideas:

  • The Balvenie - I like the double wood because of the slightly sweeter taste
  • The Glens - Glenfiddich, Glen Morangie, Glen Livet - All standards, good stuff and widely available
  • Dalwhinnie 15- My favourite of this list

It seems there is a shortage of single malts in the world and many companies are resorting to blending and branding. I am no snob so I like a good Macallan Select Oak for example as well. Additionally, I have become a big fan of bourbon in the same vein.

I hope you are still checking your older blog posts. I may put together a more detailed one myself.



Thanks for the response and your tips on decent next ventures. The Balvenie sounds interesting.