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RE: Kitty In The Closet

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Last night the deer got my vegetable patch! Laid waste to my okra and swiss chard, so I'll be spending today trying to figure out how to thwart them.

Beans look pretty good! One of my cats loves closets too. I panicked one day when I couldn't find her, and there she was looking at me when I finally got way back into the closet in search.


Save some hair from when someone gets a haircut, preferably if it isn't really very clean, spread that around your plants. The human smell will help ward off the deer @owasco (pee on it too if you can, or get some handy male to do it ha ha ha)

Thanks for the tips! I covered the entire patch with contraptions that seems to have kept them out for the night. They make it nearly impossible for me to get it too though.

Thanks for stopping by!

You've had some luck with the wildlife this year @owasco!
I hope you're able to thwart them. @jerrytsuseer's advice sounds really good. I'm always learning new and valuable gardening information from my friends :)

I think maybe the cats feel safe in little nooks, so maybe that is why, I'm not sure, but it was funny to catch him curled up behind the box. He looked up at me like "f off" lol.

Have a great day my friend. I appreciate you :)

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