Is QBasic good for Teaching Kids Programming?

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QBasic was popular in the late 80s and early 90s. It was the programming language for MSDOS. Not many of you know this language as it is now a leacy programming language - but its successor Visual Basic is still alive and being used in the .NET world.

Recently I digged this book from my garage - and I think the content is quite easy to understand. When I was my son's age, I learned LOGO programming, and then Pascal, Foxbase, and of course did a little bit coding with QBasic - and 6502 Assembly for 8-bit Famicom.

One of the coolest thing with QBasic is that you can play music using the Play command.

QBasic is a good alternative to Python, Scratch - however you would need to find the QBasic program - and set it up in some MSDOS emulator (virtualization).

QBasic runs on 16-bit DOS - so you would need to emulate this in the modern 32-bit/64-bit OS.

I'll give this to my sons for a read and see how it goes - if they don't like it - I'll recommend Python.

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