DDoS Threat Email - Don't Panic

in #whereinlast month

Received an email that threaten me to DDOS one of my site.


I don't have that much BTC - and I am not running a business. Even if I do - I will still not surrender to such threats. Never negotiate with the evil.

If you do - you fall for their traps - they will always come back to ask you for more. The best thing for you to do is report this to your local authority (law enforcement)

Also, don't panic with such DDos ransom - and make sure you enable your network alert and DDOS protection.

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Looks like you're not the ony one. I just came across this article, Fancy Bear imposters are on a hacking extortion spree

“Most institutions that reached the six-day mark did not report any additional activity or the activity was successfully mitigated,” the FBI wrote. “However, several prominent institutions did report follow-on activity that impacted operations.”

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