WhatsApp Marketing in India - Best Service Providers & Marketing Companies

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India has more then 200 million active users for WhatsApp using the mobile app on a daily basis. Users send billions of messages on a daily basis on WhatsApp as a communication tool. 

This makes WhatsApp as one of the most well connected messaging ecosystem for the country.

Recently, marketers, agencies, brands, and businesses have realized the importance of using WhatsApp as a marketing tool for their daily communication with their prospects, clients & customers.

But, one of the major challenge that most of the marketers face while using the by default mobile app, and also the newly released WhatsApp Business app that was released by WhatsApp in the past month is marketing on WhatsApp.

It's because WhatsApp doesn't officially have any advertising/marketing options available for the marketers, as well as keen advertisers.

But, in order to overcome this challenge. There are several WhatsApp Marketing Tools, Bulk WhatsApp Software, WhatsApp Marketing Script, and Web Based WhatsApp Marketing Panel which are available for marketers to start utilizing WhatsApp as an aggressive marketing tool.

I have listed similar list of WhatsApp marketing tools in my previous articles, and you can also check out this list of WhatsApp Marketing Software, Tools, Scripts & Solutions covered in YourStory.

But, when it comes to finding a permanent, reliable, and transparent WhatsApp Marketing Service provider. There are a lot of challenges faced by most marketers. That's because you might end up working with a wrong vendor who might sell you WhatsApp marketing credits and hence, end up selling you WhatsApp Marketing Service, but might not end up giving you the actual deliver that you paid for.

Hence, here's the list of providers that I have tested in my previous marketing campaigns for myself & my clients. These providers have provided genuine & 100% delivery. Even though, at the time of writing this post. These providers are some of the top providers I found after testing WhatsApp Marketing Service from various providers. I don't guarantee if these companies will continue providing the same level of service. 

But, at least I have used and can testify that my delivery were great and that yield the maximum returns on the investment that I put into my marketing budget for WhatsApp advertising for some of the products & services I wanted to promote via WhatsApp.

1. WhatsApp Marketing Service - This provider is by far the best in terms of delivery time, delivery rate, and also providing me with complete report for each of the campaigns that I ran with this company. The pricing at first were higher, but since I gave them on going campaign I was able to negotiate a really good price which made the service worth it in the long term for me.

2. WhatsApp Software - Primarily, this company deals with providing end to end solutions for WhatsApp Marketing. But, they also provide WhatsApp Marketing & Advertising Service for clients who have big volumes. I tested running couple of campaigns with them in different markets. They provided me with group sending campaigns too that allowed me to make my website link in my promotion campaigns active from the very start.

3. Bulk WhatsApp Marketing - This is one of the oldest providers I trust. This company has been providing WhatsApp marketing service since 2013. And I have tested them with time, and they never failed to deliver campaigns and when there was any issues. They were transparent about it. And asked me to wait till the time the delivery goes to normal. And that's what I love about this company.

4. Bulk WhatsApp Sender - Just like Bulk WhatsApp Marketing, this company has also been there in the industry since the nascent stage. This company has been famous for providing WhatsApp Bulk Sender which is the top & may be the best WhatsApp Marketing Desktop tool available online. So, you can vouch for their service since they know their business very well. And provide highest rated service (but, that comes with higher costs!)

5. WhatsApp Marketing - I prefer to use this company majorly for running campaigns outside India, because they are excellent provider of service for majorly in international markets outside India. So, incase you are residing in India but want to run international campaigns. I recommend this provider all together.

6. Find & talk with major WhatsApp Channels providers. Well, this is an additional tip. Go and talk to bulk WhatsApp channels provider who source WhatsApp channels to major WhatsApp marketing companies

I always take my recommendation from WhatsApp Channels & Bulk WhatsApp Channels to find out which are the active WhatsApp Marketing Service providers who are presently providing the best service for WhatsApp.

P.S. Have you tried WhatsApp Marketing Service from another vendor in India who has been providing good service? If so, let me know in the comments below. Thanks!