List of Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software, Scripts, Tools & Solutions 2018

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Hey guys,

I have been trying around various tools for marketing in the last year ranging from all kind of desktop WhatsApp marketing tools including WhatsApp Bulk Sender, WAPP Bulk, Blaster Bulk Sender, Queensoft, and majority of the tools that exists for sending WhatsApp advertising & marketing campaigns on targeted list of mobile numbers that are active on WhatsApp.

At the same time, I went through purchasing all the available web based scripts, panels, and similar tools which operate on the web based server and then you can run campaigns via uploaded channels into the system.

But, before trying out all these kinds of tools. I was purchasing credit based WhatsApp marketing service from various vendors. And some of them I liked were,, who provided 100% delivery but then became expensive in a way because I wanted to scale my campaigns on much larger numbers.

So, after all my trial and errors. Here's the list of the best tools, resources, and websites from where I believe you will find the best, 100% working tools for WhatsApp marketing operations.

1. WhatsApp Bulk Sender - This is hands down the best WhatsApp marketing software that exists for operating WhatsApp marketing campaigns. The best part is that you can use it on your own PC and hence you can be secure that your database is going to be 100% secure. It has all the bells & whistles.

2. WA Panel WhatsApp Marketing Panel - This is the next best Web based bulk WhatsApp Marketing script after WhatsApp Bulk Sender

3. Bulk WhatsApp Channels - This is the cheapest place to get quality, protected Bulk WhatsApp Channels.

4. WhatsApp Channels - Though this might be a bit expensive company to purchase WhatsApp Channels from. But, I received very high quality channels that lasted pretty long for me while I used them for my marketing campaigns.

5. WhatsApp Marketing Service - This company provides Bulk WhatsApp Marketing service. You can purchase text, image, video & PDF files.

6. Bulk WhatsApp Marketing - This company provides all kinds of solutions for WhatsApp marketing. You can buy script, filteration tool, desktop tool, buy WhatsApp as a service, and also purchase channels directly from them.

7. Bulk WhatsApp Sender - Known to be the oldest WhatsApp marketing company providing WhatsApp as a solution primarily.

8. BULK WA - This company provides WhatsApp advertising campaigns for sending bulk WhatsApp messages.

9. WA Bulk - This company provides web based platform as an end to end solution for WhatsApp Blasting.

All in one WhatsApp Marketing Guides:

10. - This is a one stop solution for anyone starting to learn about WhatsApp Marketing.

11. WhatsApp Software - This website provides various WhatsApp based desktop tools, and also provide channels for WhatsApp marketing.

12. WhatsApp Solutions - I tried running WhatsApp marketing campaign using this company earlier in the starting of this year. Even though delivery were 100% but I found the campaigns price a bit higher. Even though very high quality service providers.


Wow. I have been thinking about dabbling into WhatsApp Marketing earlier. But, didn't knew where to get started. I am sure this list will really come out useful. And since, you have already tested these companies. Might as well come in handy and save a lot of time, money, and energy going it and trying various service myself.

Thanks for sharing this post here!

Glad you liked it! It's interesting to know people in this community are appreciating the post I am posting here.

Yes, I have tried several of these tools so I can comment on few good one's that I can weed from the rest.

Let me know if you need any help/suggestion. Right now, WhatsApp is getting really hot in several market as a mobile app. And leveraging it to marketing product in any category of business is highly responsive vs other tools like Facebook, Google Ads, etc.

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