Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Script 2018

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I was having a conversation with a friend of mine who asked me how I am doing with my WhatsApp marketing campaigns. And which tool am I using these days to capture better leads to reach on WhatsApp.

I thought I will create a new article on Steemit. And share with him the steps I took to do just that.

Anyways, incase you read my previous cost with a list of tools, scripts, and software along with mentioning the most popular WhatsApp marketing service you might have gotten my best list.

But here I wanted to share a strategy that can be used by anyone for making lots of money, and as well as increase their reach to the fastest medium to reach your audience i.e. WhatsApp.

Unlike TEXT messaging, and Telegram which are already clutter with so many push notifications on mobile phone. That most people don't ever pay attention to your messaging.

WhatsApp is the only unique mobile app that exists for marketer to leverage reaching their audience with simply a list of mobile numbers.

There are WhatsApp Marketing Tools that are available right now, that can not only allow you to extract list of WhatsApp active numbers. And once you have this list with you. Then, you can start sending Text, Image, Video, PDF files to engage with your audience in much interactive & creative ways.

I have been using WhatsApp as a cornerstone marketing strategy for my marketing business where I am able to reach 1000s of people in my target list within few seconds by automating this whole process.

Incase, you are interested in that list. Then, read the post below:

List of Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software, Scripts, Tools & Solutions 2018

But, here. I am doing to show you something very different!

As I said earlier, the ability between someone whose able to reach to more audience, no matter what size of your personal business is, whether you are a local business or a national business or an international business.

The only thing stopping you is reaching to the RIGHT kind of database, matching them with RIGHT kind of messaging which matches with the RIGHT kind of offer.

It's the message to market match.

Let's say you are a marketing agency selling websites to real estate clients.

Whose your best client? Real Estate Owners, Brokers, Developers, right?

Well, you can start extracting mobile numbers from your local directory in your country providing real estate listings. And once you have their mobile numbers then you can start promoting your business via WhatsApp messaging!

And that's pretty much what I did to expand my business.

I used several lead generation tools that are available for my particular market. And then used WA Panel - WhatsApp Marketing Script to send WhatsApp messaging campaigns.

In order to send the messages to my target list. I wanted local WhatsApp channels to scale my campaigns. 

For which I used WhatsAppChannels.com & Bulk WhatsApp Channels

If you don't want to go through the hurdle of buying & purchasing any of the tools to run your self-hosted WhatsApp marketing campaigns.

I suggest purchaing Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Service through various Bulk WhatsApp Service Providers, and WhatsApp Marketing Companies 

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