What - A Decentralized Q&A Mobile App using STEEM Blockchain

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App that rewards users for asking and answering questions!

By the creator of SteemTracked


What (App)

This is a decentralized Q&A mobile app on the STEEM blockchain being developed for iOS and Android.


There are many good Q&A websites and apps such as Quora, Sli.do, Yahoo Answers etc. However, they all have 1 thing in common which is lack of a reward incentive.

Steemit makes it possible to create posts, earn rewards and curate which is amazing. We took advantage of this opportunity and used our skills to add more value into the STEEM ecosystem by developing a decentralized Q&A mobile app.

We believe rewarding users for taking time out of their day to ask and answer questions is true appreciation.

Main Features

  • Quickly ask & answer questions
  • Rewarded by upvotes
  • Mark an answer if you're OP
  • Marked answer displayed under question
  • Answer notifications
  • Scroll/Swipe to find new questions
  • Search for questions
  • See questions in different tags
  • Share - copy link

Main Screens


In this screen, you'll be able to find questions and there are 3 tabs below the header which are new, following and a swipe icon.

The new tab will show results of new questions posted, the following tab which show questions only for those you're following and the swipe tab will show new questions. We believe swiping to be a great interactive way to find new questions.


A feed of all the trending questions and will have swipe choice.


This will be notifications of answers for your questions.


On this screen, you can follow the user and there will be 2 tabs of questions and answers which are self explanatory. Also, this is the screen you'll be able to edit settings/logout.


Post/edit a question form. We may add the option to ask anonymously.


See the user's question along with the answers. On this screen you can edit your question, mark an answer and answer.


Answer form plus adding images.


Search for questions, keywords and tags.

Will There Be Ads?

No ads :)

Stay Tuned

Our next post will have more informations such as our roadmap, website version possibility, beneficiaries, technology and show more prototype images!

Our Latest Project

SteemTracked (Steemit User Analytics) - https://steemtracked.com

This is our latest successful STEEM project which gives users an analytical overview for their account.

Favorite Mentions:

"The Fastest Overview For A Steemit Profile"

"All in all this is the best Steemit statistics tool out there and completely shadows the other ones"

"SteemTracked, the Most Comprehensive Steem Account Stats Interface Yet"

"Another great tool for Steemit"


Steemit Chat - SteemitChat@shango
Discord - @shango

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Keep these new apps coming!


have u used it yet?


No not yet


Sounds very nice. Is there a guide somewhere for how to develop apps on this blockchain? Is there a beta version for this app that I can try out?


Steem needs to collaborate with Yelp.


No Steem needs to do to Yelp what Netflicks did to Blockbuster.


Lol touché

Awesome to see another app the future is looking brighter. STEEM ON!

I welcome such initiative. Will be a good and practical add on onto the Steemit space.

This is Awesome news


Hi, i m new to this.
Hope u guys will help me out.

great idea. What stage is this in ?

Anyone talked with D'Angelo over this ? :)

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Good luck with this! I will definitely use it if there are enough people asking/answering : )

This is another great idea for Steem!

Wow that is an awesome app where is the app i want to test it :) ?

Well done, incredible idea!

Stackoverflow is another popular destination and having similar audience will be an outstanding value proposition

I really hope the mobile version comes in android as well as iphone.


Yes most definitely. We're already developing it :)


I said the same thing. Especially a mobile Version with alerts for notifications like replies and etc.

Steemit > Youtube

What a time to be alive


Yeah, blockchain is taking over!


What>> Quora

Imo xD


Yeah meant to say that. Quora> yahoo answers. What> Quora




Have you tried quora mate? Is it just like what? Blockchained based?


naw i try to put a estimated sign came up an equal sign. Quora pretty good at not censoring thing but "what" is better i wonder can what should advertise on quora


I will try quora, havent geard alot about it to be honest!!
Actually just made my first post.. As a noob I would be really appreciative of any advice 😁
Cheers mate.


Well to say hello i'll give you a 4 cent upvote


Thanks alot mate!! Love this community already 😄


Your welcome but judging your stats on steemd https://steemd.com/@whynotas
your voting power % is trash now. Your voting power must not go under 80% out your voting power just sucks. Basically only upvote 20 times in one day


I've used Quora it's very helpful and easy to sift through so many questions with so little effort, but it is NOT blockchain based.( https://www.quora.com/Could-we-make-a-blockchain-based-Quora?share=6501e06b&srid=upRLC )
I wanna download and try whatapp, can anyone post a link to download it? I couldn't find it in the playstore.
Also hats off to steemit for paving way for such awesome community. #steemians #whatapp


Ohh I see!! I heard great things about "what?"!! If you find a link please share mate 😄

Basically decentralized quora hell yeah

You're 100% correct that the other answer-based websites and apps have little to no incentive to do a good job on writing solid answers to people's questions. This seems like the perfect way to use Steem. I spend little to no time on sites like Quora, Sli.do, and Yahoo Answers, but I may be inclined to use this app.

As an afterthought, you definitely will have trolls that try to come up with the funniest replies, but that might be part of the fun in the end!

Great idea! Hope it turns out.

Wow, that's really interesting. A Q&A platform based on Steem was long overdue. I have seen people discussing this idea before. Great that you are working on it. Steemit and co. is so complicated and confusing that this will surely help many necomers to come around. But in general it is meant for any topic, right?

Will there be a desktop version as well?

It is not published yet, is it?

Thank you for the quote! :)


Thanks :)
We will be releasing a desktop version but that would be about 2/3 weeks after the mobile version.


that would be great,looking forward to it, btw nice handle shango, you african?

Great idea. I have literally been waiting for someone to bring this exact idea to Steem. I will be one of your top users when What launches. I wanted to do this idea, but I'm working on another Steem app idea.

I want to know more about if this project is open-source, who will be developing, etc. Don't be shy with the updates.

Followed, resteemed, and upvoted.


Yes the project will be open source. More info to come!

Thats WHAT im talking about! This is awesome!

Any updates on this?

This is crazily a good innovation. together we will turn this community to that better land

follow and help vote me please new user @reysmiled i will follow and vote you back

This ia mind blowing. loving steem more and more. glad to be a part.

wow! this is awesome. you know sometimes you just have a simple question to ask and you have to write a long post about the question for it to fit into steemit post but with this you just drop your questions as simple as you want.


Yes, that was one of the main reasons. Thanks for commenting!

This is next level stuff!

Thank God for this. I have tons of questions to ask about steemit and regular human beings are not being forthcoming. Where do I get this app?

Good Good !!!! I Like

Great, I was waiting for the smt launch to start such application. But you guys have started it.

Be ready for the competition.


Glad to know and even do we appreciate the healthy competition, there's LOADS of other apps you can implement to enhance the Steem ecosystem.


I have few ideas that I want to start here. Let's see whether we will become competitor of same niche or not. Btw I appreciate you that you have started amazing service that will promote open knowledge mission.


Thanks, let me know about the ideas you have, I wouldn't mind collaborating ;)

I cant wait for this to be released! Followed so I can be in the loop with this app

Shuld I upvote my post?

awesome! i believe this app will take us to the next level

Seems a very good platform...
I'm in...will wait for the launch...
If things went good STEEM will rock

When will it be available?


We're aiming for Q1/early Q2 2018.


Cool right?


Very cool oh

Sweet! Looking forward to it. Plus it'd be great to have one spot to go to for newbees like me.

Hello . I live in Myanmar Country
I like your post

I've been waiting for this for the blockchain answer to Quora for so long. I used to spend a lot of my time answering questions on there, but now, I and many others can get paid for giving the best answers. This is such a brilliant application of blockchain technology, and I look forward to getting in on the ground floor.

100% upvote and resteem. really wanna see this come to be! :)

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Great idea, I can't wait to use it!

great article I will check it out

Very simple App to known everything without going anywhere!

Hope to get a notification when this goes live.

Use the term What-UP (User Portal)
and you'll get my endorsement ; )


Wow very nice work, keep up with it you make steemit great

I am glad to hear about it :)
Its interesting, you are getting answer for Questions you have plus you'll getting reward for the same.

please share the link to download it for Android.

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this is a MUST TRY for sure! count me in :D

looks cool

This is awesome post.

This is great,the app aint out yet,is it?

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Very nice. I worked for justanswer in Germany for some years. It was fun. Years ago we developed a natural language questions answering system (template based FAQ system). It is great to see all these new blockchain developments.

Sounds like a great application that I'd use. Keep us updated ;-)

Interesting, so how will the rewards work? does the best answer split the rewards with the person asking the question?

This innovation will indeed give steemit an edge over other apps. Creativity preserves subscribers

Wow, that is a great use case actually. I can't wait! What's your timeline look like? Unless you already launched it in which case, sorry for asking but I couldn't find a link to the site yet. Super excited though!

This is an awesome development. I have been thinking about it as well and a larger community , we are taking over 2018. But on a slight recommendations, don't you think what-app will look like a clone of whatsapp?

This one is promissing... i cant wait.


yes it is I want to test it also :)

This sounds great! I can't for it to launch.

Have you released it in the French iOS App Store? I cannot find it...

And all this time I have been contributing as a "Local Guide" to earn "Local Guide Level Points" for "Badges" that make me eligible for early access to new features of the Local guide level point system! - G*GLE MPS User

Steem seems to be advancing by leaps and bounds. I wish I would have gotten in on it a little sooner, but I guess I got here pretty early enough.

ADs are Pushy, Rewards are Pully .....

Can we get some functionality that enables organizations Ask answer Focus Group type questions, where Answers are rewarded with SteemDollars from the sponsor of the Survey?


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This is interesting app. If it really does what you have planned, many of us will hop on.

When I first joined Steemit, one of the first things I thought of was a Quora like website/app build on the Steem Blockchain. Finally it's coming! Great job!

Resteemed and Upvoted! I will try it... Thank you

Very nice work. Let me know if you need help with the ui

Each day it gets more interesting. All hail the Blockchain (?)

Link please?

So stoked about this! I can't wait for it to be released

Nice innovation.. Steemit is advancing into hub of different social media platforms.

I needed this. This will be a great addition to the ecosystem. Any release date ETA?


Late Q1 2018

Great idea. Are you going to open up a beta?

This is exciting. The app really looks promising. when can we download it?

That sounds like a brilliant idea! Up to now, there’s been no way to reward these types of interactions. Game changer :)

I'm so excited about this! I love using Quora but without the incentive, it's not always the best use of my time. It's amazing how even the thought of getting a few cents for your time changes everything.

Kind of reminds me of the concept earn.com is doing, but much better since it's built on Steem. Can't wait!

Steemtracked is amazing! I am very much looking forward to your What-App! Very good concept! I like it.


Thank you for your motivating compliment!

Hey guys I'm new to steemit follow me Ill follow everyone back :)

Following this closely...

yeah ! Don't Dawdle

I look forward to seeing more about this app

Is it currently available, would love to put it to use . Will report back when I download!

Very cool, definately intrested , will follow. Keep me posted.

Great work! This is very valuable for our ecosystem.

This is awesome! Really excited.

thanks It is beautiful

steem ecosystem is growing at a tremendous pace..keep it up

i never heard about this...i definitely want to try this...

What is what?.....drum roll snare

I wonder if it works off the App. It'd be good if it has any website. I'd love desktop access :)

Hi @shango, I really liked the idea. However, it's going to be app only? I think that will really limit potential users.

Steem is only going in one direction and that’s ☝️☝️☝️ To the Moon!!!

Great Thank you.

Awesome Innovation

This sounds cool