2 dollar value of a steemit account that has to be powered down is available for a hacker advancement?

in what •  10 days ago

This was a recovery in itself appearing unrecoverable with failure to function. At this point I'm scared for @Steemit. Was I fished and did corporate freeze things?

This is one of those moments that you can laugh about. I was thinking of converting everything into BNB and being done. What we know is 628,000,000 devices likely illegally searched and seized by Stingray style devices. Anything is possible. Hackers don't think about what password they steal. I really think I've been fished by Steemitwallet.com and should discontinue use.

Have to cut losses I guess when things disappear.

Hit steemit wallet, recovery was fine, I'm wondering what is the length of the potential injection? Why aren't things appearing where they should? Why isn't SeemitCreate which offered recovery option loading. My losses would have to wait for a value that's enough to take to small claims I suppose. What a world.

Really not happy about this new wallet and feeling that intrusion may have stolen my passwords.

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