Whaleshares sharedrop claim awareness contest (WINNERS ANNOUNCEMENT 🔊 )

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The whaleshares platform experienced a full website launch on September 1st 2018, A discussion from one of the BeyondBitcoin hangout on discord became reality.
Many hodlers of whaleshares/bitshares/brownies point/ got a Sharedrop of the platform asset called whalestake.
Whalestake is the vested power up used in the whaleshares platform and responsible for users to perform activities on this platform.

Claiming of whalestake is on and eligible users are claiming their vested whalestake,
This process won't last for ever and would end September 15

So i organized a community contest in order to spread the word far and wide social media, meanwhile being part of the atlas team we already got a campaign on Twitter running for same purpose, and everyone one has two options

  • You either support us or
  • Join us in creating something iconic ⚛️ 😎

All details about the contest and everything one needs to do in order to partake and share this information and win tokens like krazykoin/eosbits/beyondbits could be found here

Winners announcements

This are the users who partook on the awareness sharedrop contest plus the contents they put out on social media , you can as well go ahead and reward them with your tokens if you have a whalecoin of any such.

Reward for Entries

1, for every Tweet/Reddit post earn you 10krazy koin {you can do this thrice only on different platforms}

2,for every facebook/instagram earn you 10krazy koin and {you can do this twice only on different platforms}

3 every blog post earn you 10krazy koin,10 beyondbit, 10 eosbits {once only on your preferred platform {One post par users}


sharedrop Contents








Thanks TO @Krazywitness for supporting this contest with her tokens - Krazy koin - Vote for her on whaleshares platform✌️


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About the author

Destiny Marshall marshalllife is a crypto enthusiastic lover and always bullish with every good crypto projects.A crypto musician and finding ways to leverage it through blockchain.
Among the atlas team [group of Twitter info sharers for the crypto]
I am at your service cause i am good at organizing crypto contest every week, always participate to earn this tokens.

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