RE: Whaleshares fun challenge: "What would you have done if you could have your own whale token?"

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Whaleshares fun challenge: "What would you have done if you could have your own whale token?"

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"The community will also run a mentor-ship program we newbies will be matched with old-bies and the minnows will be matched with the whales so as to teach them a thing or two about steemit. This initiative is very much needed for us to build long term users of steemit. The tokens will be given to steemians who participate immensely in any of the initiatives."

That is awesome. Members of whaleshares community already hold weekly sessions to teach people to use both steem and bitshares! :)

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Wow, then I was thinking like you guys. I am on a part to greatness then.

So how do I get you to notice my post?

Boy, could I use someone like you on my side... I noticed your up-vote on a recent post created by @buggedout ...

Hi @fuzzyvest!

thanks for support the minnows in @comedyopenmic / #comedyopenmic, hope you get some benefits and laughs, the community who organizes these give so much, all the leaders are pretty much losing money, losing post time, and giving more of our upvotes away then ever before, every week trying to keep this alive with love and labor, we really appreciate your support

....all i'm just saying is thanks, we appreciate your support.

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