Begun work on a WLS Google Assistant Agent!

in whaleshares •  2 months ago

Over the last couple days I've been throwing together a Google Assistant agent for the Whaleshares network.

The idea is to allow users to provide a topic and sort preference (new/trending), and the bot will attempt to retrieve 10 relevant WLS topics for the user to preview then navigate to the content by clicking on one of the browsing carousel items.

Check out the sneak peak:

The bot isn't publicly available yet, so don't go trying to use the bot quite yet ;D

What are your first impressions? Would you use a bot like this to navigate for recent content?

Is there WLS functionality you'd want in a Google Assistant agent other than simply browsing through WLS topic content? Perhaps account details too?

The first open-source code segment is MIT licensed on GitHub - this script scrapes the page to create a Dialogflow entity for available WLS topics, enabling parsing the desired topic from the user's input.


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That's a great work sir. I think the bot will be helpful for us to navigate for recent content. I appreciate your great creativity.

ouuu yes ! Resteemed. Thank you very much !