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I'm not sure exactly who, but at least 3 different people requested a feature similar to what I am introducing today.
Ranking people is cool, but instead of seeing the total data since the start, we need to be able to see what is trending.

What does it do ?

It displays the change of a stat, over the last N days, and you can sort and search as usual. Accounts that didn't exist N days ago are ignored.

Feel free to change the number of days to anything, currently limited to 50 days (because steemwhales database didn't exist before)

Best Authors

I have decided to sort best authors by Posting Rewards. A lot of good authors are very productive such as @ericvancewalton who is writing a whole novel on steemit. This was a good move on his part considering he is the author who cashed the most bucks in the last 30 days.

If you want to know the author who make the most per post, feel free to sort by 'Reward per Post'. This should help you find the best reads, and the best posts to upvote - if you are greedy for curation rewards

Best Curators

I am using a 'Curation score' which is the curation rewards per million vesting shares (MVests) of the user. This should be an accurate scoring system. Most of the top curators seem to be bots, with low post counts. It's fair to assume some accounts with similar scores belong to the same users or simply use the same bot.

What saddens me though, is that A LOT of users seem not to care about curation. For users with low steem power, it's okay, they aren't losing much. I don't want to put numbers in this post, but a user like @ben is clearly missing out on hundreds of daily steem power because he isn't curating.


More data on this page ?

I haven't included any money-related data in this page, I could do it but I opted out of it because I think it might be intrusive and not that useful overall. If you disagree or if you guys want me to add another meaningful metric, just let me know in the comments.

Next update

I have more features for SteemWhales I am going to release soon. Such as differenciating between root posts and comments, a monthly graph for user pages, mining rewards, and more that I don't remember.


awesome update, thank you for your work!
And I'm on spot #5, yeah!

Spot 98! I'm not as successful on Steemit as I used to be... Lol,
I need to change my tactics!

I love i look at it at least once or twice a day, was wondering if it woud be possible to sort by followers and following.
💋 @halo 💋😇

It is, just click on the followers or following collumns!

LOL, I just went and done it , sorry i did not know that , i have been sorting only using the dropdown where it says ranking. Thank you
💋 @halo 💋😇

This is very nice work. I would like to point out one particular problem I see from your stats. I read many discussions about voting rewards. I think is more than clear that almost all of the whales are using bots. Some of them are using one primary bot which is like a core up-voter. the second group of bots are following this primary bot. (one user - few accounts).

Till now , problem is small. The big problem arises once other whales do not want to keep attention of content. If the whale is successful in gaining rewards, other whales think that is much easier to follow primary up-voter (bot) than find a good content. (too much work)

And this is a big thing of whole steemit. The bots follows the bots and those follows the other bots. Huge army of bots is voting for same content. And the result is something what I found in your stats. There are some participants who produce regular scam. They know it. All people can see it. I am not able to understand why the whales are doing this. Why they follow and support scam producers who do not create any value.

For me is at least curious. I am ok with my activity because it is not time consuming. I write because I like it. What I see is tremendous amount of work of some people who are proper content creators. They have tons of followers with no SP. Some of they might be desperate and ready to leave steemit.

I would like to ask especially you. I think that is best tool created by by one person with no SP (if I understand well). This is the huge contribution to community. Why do you think that whales are willing to follow scam producers over real content creators? Is that something like old habit from early phases of the project. Do you think they know what they are doing. do you see any solution as a content creator?


Thank you for the nice comment. The problem you mention exists but is completly taboo.

I recently tried to voice my opinion about this kind of horseshit on the french community, where some american author with a google-translate level of french language recently posted a very succesful serie of posts (probably the most succesful ever in 'french' language). Oh of course I got instantly downvoted by the american author and his whale friend (who have huge reps compared to mine). My comment got blacked out and even some real french people defended the american to get an upvote worth 11 cents.

In any case, I have no doubt the whales are driven by profit, and that's perfectly normal. As long as we don't start seeing real humans on top of the curation score, it will mean the curation system is broken - and consequently the rewards for posts are broken too.

Another problem is the current distribution of steem power, which is even worse than the distribution of fiat money in the world. The steem power inflation is so high that even if you widthdraw non stop, your SP keeps growing, so the whales stay on top, even when they widthdraw.

The devs of the steemit hq however are much more invested in STEEM to give up on the system. With the upcoming change to 5 votes per day (in 0.14), it will probably help humans a bit, we will see. We need to remember that STEEM is an experiment and give it a bit of time...

Thank you for your comment.

Seems like it counts comments as posts, doesn't really give a good reward per post value because of that.

I know right, that's another reason why I just sorted by Pure posting rewards by default. I should be able to separate root posts and comments soon for more details.

Im also thinking of doing that

Woohoo, my bots are top 3 in 7 days curator chart.

Such as differenciating differentiating

Small error in your conclusive post.

Also, is there a possibility to see full daily statistics on your own page? Not just the last 30 days, or make it downloadable somehow if possible. Appreciate it.

I would like to actually see how many people have not posted in the last 14 and the last 30 days, I am sure there is a increase of people no longer posting especially when I look at followers

I agree three things herein I think, people are over the novelty amusement flavor of steemit, people now understand it is not a get rich quick scheme and are selling steem as they power down plus people are realizing that the authoring and curating is just not their game.

This means that real authors will have more chances of getting noticed since much of the distracting click bait will be leaving as the platform matures. Thus Steemit will have fewer users , but these users will also be more stable, mature and of increasing quality.

Three months ago when I myself arrived in Steemland I was a terrible writer and presenter, now I am merely just poor quality ; it only took me 2 months to get from terrible up to bad quality but the pathway to poor quality was faster and easier : )

Together we will make those BTC nerds beg us for even swap trades of STM with BTC ; )

UPVOTED, followed and bookmarked! It is members like you that add a lot of value to the users! What a great resource!

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)

Very cool thank you

I love this website! I use it almost everyday!

I was looking for these type of stats. Thank you. I look forward to your other festures.

What saddens me though, is that A LOT of users seem not to care about curation. For users with low steem power, it's okay, they aren't losing much.

I feel like they are going to regret that soon enough.

Btw: I use Steemwhales all the time - great tool - thanks

I think we can find methods to help curators and to clean steemit fast. In my last article i've proposed Negative Payouts. Please take a look and tell me what do you think about my idea. Can something like this make steemit better?

I'm a visual learner. I think in pictures.
Tables and SpreadSheets do nothing for me.
Graaaaaaaaphhhhhhssss....I'd like to see graphz.

Nice info. Can you go to my dashboard and let me know what do I need to do to get better. I can see people getting, like you here, 175 votes, I don't get more than 10 if I reach there. There should be something missing on my side. Thank you. Upvote and Re-steemit so more people can read you.

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