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Followers and Following

The follow feature got considerably more used by steemians since the update of our profile page last week. Follows are a very important statistic to track for authors, and it was a necessity to add it to SteemWhales.

  • Added followers and following counts to tracked statistics. These numbers will take longer to refresh than other statistics because of the inability to get information for more than 1 username at a time in the follow_api of the blockchain.
  • Added a 'Social' Graph on the user page to see the evolution of your followers, following, and reputation.

Here is the current TOP 50 by followers:


Steemians Activity

I added this feature in the rankings yesterday so some of you probably noticed it already. It is now possible to see which accounts are active and their last activity time/date. Every username now has a little icon with a color indicating the activity of the account so you can spot who is active or in vacation in a glance. Hovering the icon with your mouse will display full information.

This activity detects any activity on the blockchain, including market transactions, power-downs, and what-not.

Activity Feature Preview

  • Green > Last seen active less than 12 hours ago
  • Red > Inactive for 48 hours or more
  • Orange > Otherwise

About SteemWhales and Steem Promotion

A friend of mine has been running an ad on reddit for to prove the effectiveness of his advertising technique to me. For a low-cost of $5, the ad was displayed 25000 times on reddit and brought in almost 200 new visitors from diverse cryptocurrencies subreddits. Campaign Stats

I paid him for the succesful campaign and started a new one for the same cost. He gladly accepted the payment in BTC!

Considering some reddit users might be coming on SteemWhales without knowing about Steem, and because of a lack of text content for google to index, I created a straight-forward about page that explains steem to potential new adopters. If you have any idea of what to add on this page, feel free to suggest in the comments. I was feeling very uninspired...

Finally, I improved the design of the user page, and I also sneaked in a little easter egg (free $5 for the person who comments about it first). keeps growing as the number of steem users grows. Thanks to everyone for your daily visit and continuous support.


The easter egg...

That was some easy five dollaros ...

Heck yeah! Thanks. I just figured if I was going to create an easter egg, I'd certainly put it on my own user name. Human ego, man, we all have it, and to some degree it keeps us alive and prospering.

Great job on the updates! I love this site, and I'm really happy to see it tracking on follower count. As you know, I've been running reports myself, and they take over 6 hours to run. Now I can I just use this. :)

One thing I would love to see is a comparison on the change in rankings over time. Maybe use the daily snapshot data you're collecting and, for a given data point, let people see their change in the rankings over time. Like, if they moved up a few spots in Steem Power since the previous day or if they changed their rankings in reputation or follower count. I love that type of gamification and find myself doing it manually, trying to keep track of my rankings as days go by. I'd love to see those stats calculated for me.

It's a great site! Noticed that a lot of the users now have the power down symbol. It wasn't as much the last time I checked a couple of weeks ago.

I wonder what prompted it?

From a game theory perspective it is always a good move to be powering down. On the day of the week where you receive your weekly payment:

  • if you power it up again instantly it is the same as if you didn't power down in the first place (=ev)
  • if you want to use the money for something else you can, you dont need to wait 7 days (potential +ev)

Good info. Unfortunately I get kind of late to your info because I cannot resteemit it. Upvoted

Hello Good Steemian; not sure if you have noticed the Steem Valuation Graph seems to be trending downward; is there any way to program in "extra" 'imaginary' "booster " ' factor for morale purposes : )

/ hugz ; )

[ just kidding ] : )

Hello Sir / Lady ; again thank you for the wonderful website...

A seperate question if I may ; where can I see the geographical waves of visitors to ???

I want to see what countries are active or quiet at certain hours of the day or night ; eg : Ireland, Egypt, Moscow, Alaska, Miami, San Francisco...

Tracking those timezones will tell me good times to post for traction , I need all the upvote chances I can research : )

/ hugz ; )

Thank you ; by helping each other we all make our shares in steem increase in value , or that is my thoughts anyways ; )

It is 6 AM here and still another few hours of this 'all nighter' steemuniverse marathon : )

... and you yourself being the smartest web guru I 'know', thus I dialed you up...

/ semi-sorry...

Great information I will dig into this some more. Thank you.

Sweet, nice work.

Looks like this is growing nicely. looking forward to see where it progresses. if you need any kind of help, I'd be more than glad to provide it!

As you know people love Steemwhales. I was wondering to the left of your graph metrics like 5,000, 10,000 or whatever measures you are indicating there is some room at the side.

Since the site only shows the last approximate month could another history graph exist that shows where the account markets recorded for say April, May, June July for example, just 8 or 9 bars and over time these history recordings would show every 2 months, then every 4 months etc so a long term snapshot appears.

This way users could see there recent month's activities and have some idea of changes over the timeline of months and even years . Love your website : )

/ hugz : )

I love your site so much. I just added you to my list so I don't miss your next post. Also the ad is awesome. Awesome work @heimindanger! Bon travail!

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