#whalepower Tag Monthly Announcement | April/May Member Subscription Box Office [ Eng | Bahasa ]

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#whalepower Tag - May Month Members Register Subscription Program

Please check for Availability.

  • Week1 - 30 April to 6 May Week - Register Members Subscription - Check for Availability | CFA
  • Week2 - 7 May to 13 May Week - Register Members Subscription - "Renewable / New Subscription"
  • Week3 - 14 May to 20 May Week - Register Members Subscription - "Renewable / New Subscription"
  • Week4 - 21 May to 31 May Week - Register Members Subscription Renewable / No New Subscription
  • Monthly Subscription 5 SBD , Register from 19th of each month for the next following month. ( send to @whalepower Account )
  • Weekly Subscription 1.25 SBD please refer to availability. ( Note: Week1 , Week2 , Week3 ...
    those that register Week1 , Week2 , Week3 can go to [ Week4 - only Renewable] )

We would like to thank members for their support #whalepower project . Our Services are unique as we are providing Manual Curation.


whalepower Tag - Bulan Mei Anggota Daftar Program Langganan

Silakan Periksa Ketersediaan.

  • Minggu1 - 30 April hingga 6 Mei Minggu - Daftar Anggota Berlangganan - Periksa Ketersediaan | CFA
  • Minggu2 - 7 Mei hingga 13 Mei Minggu - Daftarkan Anggota Berlangganan - "Terbarukan / Langganan Baru"
  • Minggu3 - 14 Mei hingga 20 Mei Minggu - Daftarkan Anggota Berlangganan - "Terbarukan / Langganan Baru"
  • Minggu4 - 21 Mei hingga 31 Mei Minggu - Daftar Anggota Berlangganan Terbarukan / Tanpa Langganan Baru
  • Berlangganan Bulanan 5 SBD, Daftarkan dari tanggal 19 setiap bulan kebulanan berikut. ( send to @whalepower Account )
  • Langganan Mingguan 1.25 SBD, silakan lihat ketersediaan. (Catatan: Minggu1, Minggu2, Minggu3 ...
    boleh mendaftar Week1, Week2, Week3 dapat pergi ke [Week4 - only Terbarukan])

Kami ingin mengucapkan terima kasih kepada para anggota atas dukungan proyek #whalepower . Layanan kami unik karena kami menyediakan Kurasi Manual.

Ruling / Aturan QnA

#whalepower A Project for Better Community

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If you want to use any part of this, please ask for permission first.
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all the best to you. I have to set my alrm to renew my subscription ontime. lol

All for one, one for all

I am in for the month of May. There is nothing better than manual curation. Thank you for this service! : )

have not had a vote from you in quite a while!

And so do you...

I have been tagging whalepower every day in my posts for the past 6-9 months. For the past several, i have not had any support from you. I am officially letting you know I will not be using your tag anymore.

Jika saya berlangganan dan mengirim SBD hari ini, apakah di kategorikan ke dalam minggu 1 or how?

May Week1 1 May to 6 May ( +- )

So... Can I send SBD now to subscribe?

Thanks for information @whalepower

thank you for the information good job success hold friends

Box office,wow amazing post thanks @whalepower

Amazing post thanks @whalepower

thank you for the support

I like this post

Thank you for your information @whalepower

Oh so we pay for the service... Ok I see.


Sneaky Ninja Attack! You have just been defended with a 18.10% upvote!
I was summoned by @accumulator. I have done their bidding and now I will vanish...


A portion of the proceeds from your bid was used in support of youarehope and tarc.

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Thank you ninja
another good job there

thank you for the information @whalepower, I hope this beginner can join to improve the quality. surely the benefits are amazing.

Terima kasih infonya @whalepower , saya mau berlangganan untuk 1 minggu ..

Thank you for the support.

Thank's on information


@whalepower, saya belum berlangganan dengan @whalepower, ketika mau mentransfer SBD ke @whalepower, apa yang harus saya tulis di Memo?

saya tidak tahu kapan masa langganan saya minggu sebelumnya berakhir

Special, Sama Saudara , hujung bulan ini.

terima kasih banyak buat @whalepower team 🙏

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