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RE: Whalepower ~ QnA Part 1 | Quality Content Blogging Verse Quantity Crappy Posts ( ENG | Indonesian )

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I've been asking those questions to myself for quite sometime, I am glad that my questions are now answered.

Thank you for supporting my posts #whalepower team. You guys were there when no one even noticed my post at all.

Sometime I tried my best and made quality contents, but no one was noticing except myself.

I fell down. No matter how good my content is, it's useless if no one noticing.

To make myself feel better, I posted my photography gallery, just to make myself comfortable. You know, it's not easy for a minnow to get attention in this whole large ocean.

Honestly, $5 SBD per month is not easy for a tiny minnow like me. But I still want to join, I will collect and save my SBD by little. I plan to register the whalepower tag member in March. Hopefully my SBD will be enough to join the community by that time.

Thank you #whalepower team. Hope this tag getting bigger and keep growing ☺️


Kayya, you think it is not a good investment?
Well, everyone who’s thinking that will be left behind.

Thank you Paul , this is excellent

No, I don't think that way, that's not what I mean.
I am sorry if my words gave you that impression. I personally think it's a good investment, that's why I am currently collecting and saving SBD by little in order to join the community.

Gee you are very generous

Thanks for your help @bullionstackers

Thank you very much @bullionstackers

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