Where are The Bumblebees Gone? - Part 2/2018 | #Series 14 Bumblebees Photography

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Bumblebees Series Photography

Bumblebees 2017 Year Series

My Own Original Photography , Written by @bullionstackers , own work.
All Right Reserve by @bullionstackers

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That honey bee is having a great day because the pollen sacks are full. The first 2 photos are amazing.

bumblebees are amazing,really great photography sir @bullionstackers

You don't have to keep upvoting yourself!

You putting off People that are going to give you. Understand !

Beautifully captured the colors and the Bumblebee so clear and beautiful.
Thanks for sharing.

This is the 2nd series and looking at this stage 10 more to come..

Those are amazing photos!
love them!

Are you sure this is a bumblebee? For me it looks like a normal honey bee!

You and me knows better.
Don’t spoil my post.
One is the seller.
How many are actually observing and reads?

I do!!

But according to some of the comments you get, some people don’t. Or they are rather ignorant. Or both, or whatever.

Alright, but only this time, I will keep it to myself!! I won’t say anything.

Ternyata @bullionstackers anda hobi photography juga.. 👍

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