Bumblebees Photography - Part 1/2018 | #Series 13 Bumblebees Photography

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Another year of Bumblebees Photography. 2018 Series Lot of better photos of The Bumblebees.
Please note These All are in series shots.

I will let my photography, do the presentation.

Bumblebees 2017 Year Series

My Own Original Photography , Written by @bullionstackers , own work.
All Right Reserve by @bullionstackers

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Awesome bee photography. It is spring now where you live? Our spring is long gone and summer is winding down. So sad.
Speaking of sad...I wanted to let you know why I haven't subscribed to #whalepower for September. As you know, our rewards are in Steem and SP so I don't have any SBD. So sad. : (


SBD / Steems is fine


Thanks so much!!! Steem is on the way. : )

Beautiful pictures @bullionstackers !

what kind of camera you used it?Those flowers are beautiful with bee on top.

I Love both of them.

In my opinion, a bumblebee on a flower is a symbol of summer!😊


Springs is here, plenty of Bumblebees. Plenty of Photos to come.

Great shots!!!! I miss WolfiE... hihihi ^^

I see this flower like a golden ball before it blooms with golden skin on the edges and the ping color at the top, looks very luxurious. @bullionstackers

I want to save our precious bumble bees..❤🐝❤ Call me weird, I really don't care but, I am moved to tears how they are dying off😢. They are so special and unique. I use to dislike and be afraid of them. Now at age 20, I am incredibly fascinated and touched how precious and cute they are.

I love how fuzzy they are and their unique purpose GOD in Heaven created to be.

Spectacular view/photography

Thank you

A very beautiful moment with extraordinary photography skills makes it perfect.👌

Love close-ups, lets me see the beauty of the small world.

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Look beautiful.. like professional 👍

Nice clicks, you are able to take such close pics that’s great. 😊👍🏻