Did you get HACKED ???? Apakah Akun Kamu Teretas?

in whalepower •  3 months ago

Victim Account List ( Mainly Indonesian Accounts )


Hacker Host Account


The Fund are transferred to Bittrex Account as Listed
nayya24 transfer 34.540 STEEM to bittrex 38c931e27ece4ee68df
grooveroom transfer 361.494 SBD to bittrex 072d31c826af456c90d
grooveroom transfer 3,128.849 STEEM to bittrex 9b4e6d9427a349e88fc

As per wallet transferred

Update notice to:

@blocktrades create this account @grooveroom a day ago , The Account had not change the Key , He probably should know who send him the fund to create this account.
@blocktrades please reply.

Investigation will be carry out.
For Further Information , please contact me
at Steemcleaner Discord
Contact us on Discord https://discord.gg/YR2Wy5A


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Are they really got hacked or just want to sell their steem?

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Bahaya lagi sedang mengincar akun kita.

Macam mana akaun kalian kena hacked? 😲😭

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Yes sir ...
according to information circulating they were all hacked without pressing anything and $$ they were sent to another place.

Saya juga mengalami hal yang serupa seperti yang dialami oleh akun yang disebutkan diatas meskipun tidak disebutkan. Ini sebuah fenomena yang aneh.

I also experienced something similar as experienced by the account mentioned above even though it was not mentioned. This is a strange phenomenon.


Adakah anda sudah Tukar Kunci Akunmu?

Jangan guna Kunci Master!


I am also a victim
Please help....


Did you make a transferred four hours ago?

husaini transfer 359.832 STEEM to bittrex

Please Change Your Account Keys ! Now ...


yes I transferred it four hours ago. and a few minutes before I tranvered to bittrex, I changed the new password.

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My account have also been hacked and all my sbd and steem were transfered to grooveroom. Please help because it is my all effort that i have started from the begining.