Platfrom for Bounty Hunters

in whalepower •  last year 

Doing Bounty Can Be Exhausting

Last time when i first started to join the bounty program, i was having a big problem keeping up with the task. since there are many task to do and several other bounty program to join. But there are several paltfrom that can help me to select the bounty project to joinand help me keep up teh work and the task to do.

  • Bountyhive
    This is the very first platfrom that I join to help me out keeping up with the bounty task. It has several bounties going, and also they had finish sveral project with graet succes. They have an integrated plugin for all the task, so that we don't need to make any report.

  • Bountyplatfrom
    What makes this plarfrom better is that they have the weekly spreadsheet for all the works that we have done. so taht we can track down the works taht we have fullfilled or those tahtwe miss. The only problem is that they have less amount of bounty rather than bountyhive and also you have to make a report on bitcointalk website.

  • Bounty0X
    This is the newest platfrom that i had joined. I don't have any paid bouty yet from this paltfrom, but they have also a good plugin for all the bounty tasks, and tehy also have the maximum amount that one can get from bounty which make a fair distribution for all the participant.

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