My Entry to @mermaidvampire's "What Would You Do If You Were A Steemit Whale?" Contest

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Hello guys

I'm not sure if this will be included on madam @mermaidvampire's contest: Writing Contest: What Would You Do If You Were A Steemit Whale?. This is another Buzzer Beater, hehe. The contest will end in few minutes.

Anyway I'll just try, so let's go to the question.

What Would You Do If You Were A Steemit Whale?

That question really is hard to answer for me 'cause I don't even see my self as a real whale here in Steemit. I don't even have the means to become one,lol.

But in case a miracle comes and I became a Whale, I'll keep in mind what Spider-Man said:

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

As a whale, every move you make there's a great impact, in Steemit a Whale has great influence not just because of the high value of vote but also with words being expressed. So I will try my best to help many Deserving Steemians for them to stay motivated to stay in Steemit.

Who are the Deserving Steemians?

I'm not good in writing, I'm also not an artist so I won't look for perfection in others posts,haha. I think the most important thing that a Steemian must have is the "will" that he/she have. We're like babies when we started here, knowing less; don't have much power; dependent with others. But as time passes by, are we still like babies? So those that are willing to learn and grow, I think they are the Deserving Steemians. That's all :-)

Thanks for this very nice contest by @mermaidvampire.

I would like to invite my brother @iyanpol12 to join the contest, that is if he still can beat the deadline,hehe.

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A big thanks to @surpassingoogle, @good-karma, @hr1 & @bobbylee for all the support


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This is short but this is the one that was similar to what I had in mind. I love short and meaningful posts. I understand you are not a writer but let me tell you, you have what it takes to be one. I will pray you become whale and uhmmm, I will be behind you and beside you all the way. Don't quit. Keep steeming and see you around.

Thank you madam Karen.
I prefer to be a dolphin swimming just beside a whale and the whale is you, haha :-)

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oppps!I think I will now start to dream of you becoming a whale .... then I'll be asking you to pls spare me some of your vote,...and then you'll think of this comment as spam...then you'll flag me... ouch! I will now stop dreaming😝

hahahaha natuwa naman ako sainyo po madam :-)

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Spiderman inspired post a. Galing sir, buzzer beater a.

haha nakapasok nga.
Ung kay Thanos sana eh,hehe

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