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Hello steemians!

I, @whalecatcher,  am a bot that was created with the purpose of scheduling bids to a big upvote bot called randowhale. However, I am in no way related to the devs of randowhale. Instead, I was programmed by a steemian just like you, tired of bids being rejected by randowhale because it sleeps for so long.

Simple way to use me:

  1. Instead of directly sending your bid to randowhale, send it to me with the same amount and memo.
  2. I will store your post url from your transfer memo and your funds safely.
  3. When randowhale wakes up next, I will send your bid to it with your post url.
  4. You will then get an upvote from randowhale!
  5. The first two bids you send to me, will be scheduled to randowhale for no additional charges. You still have to send 1 SBD fee that randowhale requires. However, for bids after that, you will have to subscribe to my service at a nominal fee of 1 SBD/STEEM for every 5 bids that you send me.

Some important rules & how to subscribe:

  1. Send me posts that are less than 4 days old only. Because this is a scheduling service, I would prefer newer posts so that even if there is any delay in sending your bid to rando, your post will still be upvotable.
  2. Send me the same amount that you would send to randowhale, the current bid amount is 1 SBD/STEEM.
  3. To subscribe to my services, send me a subscription fee of 1 SBD/STEEM for every 5 bids. In the transfer memo type 'subscribe'.
  4. If you have made any mistakes while sending your bid or subscription fees, I will try to quickly return it back to you.


This bot/service is not made or endorsed by randowhale, use it at your own risk. If there are any issues with my code, my creator will try to automatically/manually resend any new bids while he/she/it fixes my code.

Closing Notes: I know that I don't have a nice profile picture or logo yet, but that will come very soon, hopefully by next week. If anyone wants to donate a logo to @whalecatcher, please say so in the comments of this or any future posts.


good one ..want to try ..can i send it now or after the service?

You can definitely send it now, I've received your bid and now we wait for rando to wake up. That's when I'll send your bid to him.
You are officially the first one to successfully send a bid to me!

Congrats for getting the first user viz. @geetasnani for your services!

By the way, what's the assurance that payment sent to you will be sent to the randowhale in the very next upvote cycle? And how you queue up all payments/ I mean, do you have any advance features like if I don't want to send any payments if randowhale is below 99% VP or such though she is still awake? Can you also schedule publishing of my posts along with the rando upvote to increase my earnings? I'd llike to subscribe your service if you are providing these features too.

By the way, what's the assurance that payment sent to you will be sent to the randowhale in the very next upvote cycle?

There is no assurance of sending the bid in the very next upvote, it would depend on how many people have sent me the bids to queue before your bid. But since I am quite new and don't have many queued up bids, your bid would definitely be sent in the next upvote cycle.

And how you queue up all payments/ I mean, do you have any advance features like if I don't want to send any payments if randowhale is below 99% VP or such though she is still awake?

I store all valid transfers to me in a database and when rando wakes up, I send them in order of how the bids were sent to me i.e. on a fist come first serve basis. Right now, I don't have any other features.

I'd llike to subscribe your service if you are providing these features too.

For the first two bids, you don't need a subscription, this is so that you get the feel and trust for my service.

wow thats great...Alll the best !! you will do well ..wil recommend my friends too

Naw, randowhale is the failure of this site and I will not take part in this bullshit. I will only openly use randowhale to prove that this site is shit. Quality of content does not matter, only that you pay the right people for an upvote.

Thanks for the bot bullshit comment on my post*

I agree with your points in some manner!!

Nice job! I would like it if the fee was not 20¢ for each more like 2 would feel better

The fees for the subscription based model is still under consideration. It will be revised if more people want the price to change.

@whalecatcher.. All the best.. Have resteemed.. :)

Good luck :)

Hi I didn't get Randowhale upvote in my second post I send u SBD for... U said two bids are free.. I can subscribe u for next

Thank you for bringing this to my notice, there was an error in my code. You still have one more free bid since I am going to refund your 1 SBD now.

Thank you so much... Appreciate your help.. I received sbd

awesome service! was wondering when someone was going to come along and solve this problem...

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After reading this over and then sleeping on it so that I had a chance to let it all sink in, I've decided that this service is not for me and that it is not a good thing. The reason that I say this is because now no one will be able to use @randowhale without using your service, thus you are extorting a fee off of the work that @randowhale is doing. It is like standing at the door of a specialty shop and forcing people to pay you a fee before they will be allowed to enter, which is wrong. I hope that you will voluntarily take down this service and use your talents to create something good that will add to Steemit and not take away through some form of extortion. There are probably plenty of other people who do not feel as I do about it, and I may be thinking of it in a wrong way and with a wrong attitude myself. But for me, as long as your service is in use I will bypass the @randowhale service.

I appreciate your feedback but I think you've misunderstood this post and the service that I'm offering. I will give you a simple analogy to better understand my service. Right now sending bids to randowhale is like waiting for a store to open for Black Friday Sales, there are hundreds of other people waiting in line before and after you and no one is going to follow the queue once the door opens (randowhale wakes up). My service is that I have a list of the items you want (your post and 1 sbd/steem bid fee) and will be standing in line on your behalf, going into the store and trying to get your item(rando's upvote on your post). For doing so I am charging a small fee. I see nothing wrong in doing this. However, I will make a new post to better explain my service and fees. I am in no way trying to extort fees off of randowhale and no one is obligated to use me as the only way to get an upvote from randowhale.

Thanks for the added explanation and I understand what you are saying. For now I'll stay on the sidelines and see what others think. I am using the bots because they are here, they are not breaking any current steemit rules, and they are helping me to get a good start. But personally I think that all of the upvote bots should be eliminated and only approved information bots should be allowed.

I appreciate what you and others are trying to do and if I were smart enough I would probably be doing the same thing, I also am thankful for the much needed boost that I'm getting from the upvote bots. But I do think that they hurt the overall spirit of what Steemit should be and turn the focus more towards the money side and not towards the creation side where it rightfully should be. I would not be against the elimination of the ability to self upvote also for the same reasons.

So I'm not trying to completely condemn what you are doing and if there are no rules against it then i wish you well with it. But I'm barely comfortable using the upvote bots themselves because I have seen some negative comments about them, and I would be even more uncomfortable using your service.

The right way to decide these things is through the governing process. If something is hurting Steemit or is causing people difficulty or grief then it should be corrected with rule and or software changes and corrections. As long as there are no rules against something and no one is directly injured by it, then I'm not going to hold it against anyone who takes advantage of an opportunity.

Thank you for your understanding.

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