Explaining RT's

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Often at times I like to just sit and write with no real focus but to just be. I believe when we write in calamity we render what our heart may need. The greatest writing it seems, is done on non-backed premises -with no thought in the forefront or back of the brain, as to whether or not others will perhaps see the same.

"I believe writing is an art and words the paint."

I won't say they're masterpieces but it's me just sitting and typing. I let my fingers dance and the tips they lead- life is a dance it seems. Perhaps if I blow the cap off of what is popular writing I can express better the thoughts inside of me. I get lost at times staring into the page trying to write what others may deem best- will like or may resonate.
My RT series is for me, and my audience to see the talent I truly have beneath. What constraints could I possibly burst just by allowing myself as an individual, a person to just be heard and not rehearsed.

Perhaps we'll see.

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