We-Write #2: By the Sea - My thought/story line

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This is my first try at a We-Write, The prompt came from this post Basically they start a story, and I guess you add to or finish it your way.

This Week's Prompt

“They say a ship’s run aground over near Harper’s Cove,” said an old man in overalls, hanging up the corded phone. There was a sense of permanence about the Coast Rescue shack, between the scratched furniture and fading paint it looked as though it had sat there near the sea for ages. The midday salty air wisped through the open windows, gently rustling the loose papers on the man’s desk. “John says it’s a real doozy.”

“That's too bad, I was hoping to spend some time in town today,” Becky rolled her eyes, but smiled as she threw on her reflective red jacket. “Do you think we’ll need help from the mainland?”

“Nah, I don’t think so. Probably nothing you can’t handle,” he smiled back, with equal measures of pride and sadness. His own safety jacket was slowly collecting dust on the back of his chair.

“Thanks, Dad,” Becky said as she grabbed the keys off the wall. Stepping past the creaky screen door and off the porch, she could feel the August sun burning down. It was almost the off-season, when things would quiet down. The rolling crashes of the cobalt waves grew louder as she descended the wooden steps down to the rocky beach. It’d be a great day to go swimming, she thought, but duty calls. The tugboat by the dock rose and fell, and with the ease of expertise she climbed on and started the engine.

Above was the prompt, below the picture is my add-on
048 boat homer.jpg

Richard watched as his daughter maneuvered the tug out of the harbor. A little chop on the seas but nothing major, he was just about to return to his desk when he saw it. The phone on his desk started ringing, he could not tear himself away from the window to answer it, what ever it was could wait.

Thirty five years, thirty five years ago, he has seen and felt it. He knew what would happen if his Becky got caught in it, he knew there was no way for Becky to avoid it also. Richard turned from the window, he glanced at the digital clock, three eleven, twenty four minutes, he had twenty four minutes to make. Richard continued to the radio, and radioed Becky. "Becky, I need you to go full stop, I am coming with you, give me a few minutes, i saw Josh down by the dock, so I'll get him to take me out to you. Just sit tight for now".

Becky picked up the radio mic, "Uhmm...sure dad, I'll wait for you, whats up? I thought you said I would be fine"? She throttled down the tug and glanced back toward the shore...she brought her binoculars up to her eyes so she could see what was going on at the dock. She did not see any unusual activity, "guess dad changed his mind and wanted some fresh air" she thought to herself. She was glad he decided to come with her. She moved the binocs to look at the shack, she could see her dad coming down the stairs.

She scanned back to the docks, she was not sure about Josh bringing her dad out in his little Avian Boat, but it was quick and did handle the choppy waters pretty good for a small craft. She kind of enjoyed the rides Josh would take her on flying over wave crest trying to catch the next wave crest. it was fun. She saw her dad talking to Josh.

"Josh, do me a favor will ya, I need to get out to Becky and her tug, I changed my mind about going and don't really want to have her wait to long", as he was finished he glanced down at his watch, yes he thought still time to get there.

"No problem Richard, give me a few to top the tank and we'll be on our way. Where is she headed"? Oh, nothing major we got a call about a ship in Harper's Cove, stuck on a sandbar and they don't want to wait for the tide to float them off. "Okay all fueled up, let's hit the waves, don't worry Richard I wont, as you put it 'haul ass trying to kill you', we'll just take it easy". Richard looked at Josh's smile and smiled to himself, he knew that both him and Becky were adrenaline junkies, and that was really fine by him, as he was also, he just like to hide it.

Richard looked out beyond Becky's tug, it was getting closer, if one did not know what to look for one would not even notice or see it until it was to late. he looked down at his watch once again eight minutes, it was looking like it was going to be close. "Josh, open her up, lets show Becky I'm not really afraid of a little speed". He hoped that would cover his feeling of urgency to get to his daughter. Josh looked at Richard skeptically, "are you sure about this"? "Yes Josh, give this thing some wings, I know you and Becky think I disapprove but well I actually kind of envy those speed trips you two take, so yeah, let her rip".

Becky looked on as Her dad and Josh suddenly took to flying speed in Josh's boat. She'd kill him that was her first thought toward Josh, try to toss her dad about like a sack of potato's in his boat will he, he would certainly get an earful from her. It did not take long and Josh was pulling along side her tug. She looked down at her father grinning and laughing.

Richard looked at his daughter, the look of shear murder in her eyes toward Josh was just to much to take, he busted out laughing as he grinned, managing to get out, "Permission to come aboard Captain". Josh had seen her look also, he was a bit taken aback by the vehemence of the look, "Really Becky, it was his idea, not mine, I didn't want to, but he insisted, it really wasn't my idea". he said with down cast pleading glance to Richard to clear the air between him and Becky. Richard almost started laughing again hearing the pleading tone in Josh's voice.

"Alright you two, come aboard"... with shaking head..."may as well lift and tie off your boat and ride along with us Josh. It will be nice having my two favorite men along". Richard glanced at his watch two minutes, three thirty three, " Never mind your boat Josh, you will understand in two minutes, both of you will. Sorry to drag you along Josh, I just could not let it happen to Becky alone". With that Richard went to the front of the tug and looked out, it was close, he could feel two sets of eyes behind him, he could feel their unasked question, of what is he going on about, soon they would know they would understand, they would become as he had, caught in the loop.

Image source was from down in Homer, Alaska. Picture was taken by me on about Feb 6th this year.
I hope I got the gist of the intent of the post correct


No fair! I'm dying to know what it could be!
Nice work. I think you're the only one who kept it to the old man's perspective.

Yeah, I thought most would go with the "Rescue", of the grounded ship, and not being a great writer, (I am learning though), I thought I would try a different hook to get people to take a look. Thank you for stopping by and taking time to read it.

Excellent idea. Really enjoyed it, kept me very engaged.

Congratulations on your first We-Write. Coincidentally, "Wonder Pets" is playing in the background. Quick, rescue the baby penguin, get him back to his mama, and watch out for icebergs.... I cannot focus. If I didn't have this headache. The little people asked to watch this show, and I said yes, thinking it'd give me a minute to catch up on Freewrites. :) Maybe tomorrow!


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