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RE: Ansan Wetlands Park and Sihwa Lake

in #wetlandslast year

Natural water systems have been badly damaged around the world through a variety of reasons. To re-establish back is going to take a long time, if ever, to get them to former glory.

Human 'progress' has most definitely never taken nature into consideration, this is why we are in the predicament we currently find ourselves. We may not have caused the whole problem but we have most definitely contributed in a very large way.


I completely agree. Nature changes sometimes for better or worse if left on its own, but humans rarely help improve nature. The best we seem to do is plant trees in areas we destroyed.

A great example to consider is the wildfires in British Columbia and California. Sometimes these are actually natural and caused by lightning. Occasionally they are necessary to maintain healthy forests.

Flooding is another one too. We think we are helping the river when we stop if from flooding, but it happens during the rainy seasons for a reason.

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