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RE: Ansan Wetlands Park and Sihwa Lake


Oh yes, wetland protection - so essential. We are fortunate to have many estuaries along the South African coast and most are part of coastal reserves. It's the wetlands further inland that get ignored. Especially the ones that, naturally dry up, and are not recognised as wetlands. Let me stop. We're on the same page.

You got me (again) on this:

I am starting to get disillusioned with 'eco-parks' and 'green energy',

Likewise: I often wonder how much energy is used, and environmental damage results, from this crusade. I wonder how much real research has gone into the long term effects. Many will (and do) argue that the long term benefits outweigh the short. I had this thought when we installed our solar water heating system. To save energy, yes. And money. But also the environment. Then I discover the tubes are imported from Ireland. Carbon footprint. HUGE

I gather similar debates are beginning to emerge around the real advantages of a plant-based diet. That's another debate for another time.

Some beautiful places and photos and, as always, thought-provoking.



Glad you liked it.

My issue with the eco-parks is they bring people to nature and people keep trying to find more and more pristine nature. But there is a dangerous trend, the more it is advertised, the more facilities, the more people who show up, the more damaged it is. I keep thinking of 'the beach' in Thailand or Boracay in the Philippines. Both had to shut down. Apparently, they were beautiful 30 to 40 years ago. Now they are cesspools.

We have to be really careful with those loaded words like 'eco-friendly', what does it mean? For example, an eco-friendly dryer is called a hanger.

I do want to write about food and farming, but perhaps another time. Efficiency is really difficult to get right. Too many things to consider.

Oh, you are so right. Pristine places destroyed because they become popular for being pristine. Sometimes I loathe the knock-on effects of tourism. So destructive.

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Often when I find the best places, I don't brag. I get really angry when people destroy nature for a photograph. Scuba divers on coral reefs with their pocky sticks and fins are the worst.

Urgh! I agree with you. I hate how many people have found our village....and moved here, and, and...

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