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RE: Ansan Wetlands Park and Sihwa Lake

I can imagine where you live it is a mixture of colonial exploitation, mining and poverty causing a lot of the destruction. Sadly, without government help, there isn't much that can be done about the informal settlements because they are too poor to make responsible decisions.


You've hit the nail on the head! We are putting a lot of hope in our new president who has a steep hill to climb after stepping into the shoes of his predecessor. Hopefully basic needs like unemployment and housing will be addressed correctly. It's so sad to hear how the RDP housing is being exploited, in many instances going to officials who use family/friends names to get the free housing and then rent it out instead of it going to the poorest of the poor! One can't blame those communities when they protest!

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I wasn't familiar with public housing being exploited. It happens a bit here in Korea. The politicians and other elites are thrown into prison and booted out of office when they get caught. It's not a very good way to get popular. There are some weird ways to qualify for government assistance like if you have an ancestor that was involved in the Independence movement, so sometimes they technically do qualify for assistance, but obviously it's frowned upon if you don't need it. Dodging out of military service or picking up foreign citizenships for your kids to avoid it is another political career killer here.

Hopefully, your country fixes its problems, but there are just so many it's difficult. I'm always stunned with the xenophobic things on the news and the power shortages. You'd think with all the good farmland and minerals, they would be able to sort these things out. It's definitely not a lack of resources, it's gross mismanagement and colonialisation hasn't been an excuse for over 25 years.

Very sad that this is happening in Korea as well, all for greed! The xenophobia really is bad, those refugees often get exploited by being given poorly paid jobs; they often work harder than the locals as they're desperate and afraid so they say nothing when their employers abuse them. The locals in turn get angry as they feel their jobs are being taken away but I would put a lot of blame on the greedy employers! It's a viscious circle! Much of our power and water problems are due to gross mismanagement, lack of maintenance just one of the issues!

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It seems like a nightmarish situation for the migrants. The more I learn the more I realize how fortunate I am to be born where I was. I'm not reallybin favor of the term first world problems, but I feel it explains a lot of my problems well.