Replace 'I' instead of 'We'.

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Hi Friends....
Do you like to think about yourself always?
We all like to think. Isn't it?
Do you know this 'I ' is the cause of all 'Illness.' Physical illness can be traced by doctor and can be cured by medicine. Somehow, mental illness can be treated with medicine, but it can not cure it permanently. It's just because mental illness is caused by chattering of thoughts in our mind in a disorder way.

Here is a solution for you all. Just replace 'I' in place of 'We', a magic will happen. 'Illness will become 'Wellness.'
Don't you believe it? Just do it , you will get the result. Don't think about yourself, start thinking about ourselves. Miracle will happen in your life. When you think only about you, life become limited, narrow. Life will become happy when we will accept it in a broader prospective. Think about others' well being. Think about others' goodness and wellness. Your life will be poured with happiness and wellness.

Please put your valuable opinion in the comment box below.

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Woow that is great to know!

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Thank you...
It's simple but very significant. We make our life complicated. Think simple, be happy always.

Yes, soo true! Never crossed my mind these options of the word

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It's also in you mind. You just need to call it out.

Correct, but the combination produced in the word is amazing!

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At first using the letter I will be very much satisfactory but as time passes that I has to become we, else that I will not exist.

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You are absolutely right....

It iss a great blog... This is true that i can not work alone any job. But together we can challenge the world...

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