Four simple ways to make people like you

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At some point in our lives, we try to make people like us. It can be harmful and self-serving, but it can also be good for as long as we do not solely anchor our whole being to someone’s fondness of us and for as long as we use it to make ourselves and other people better. After all, living becomes more bearable if we have and make cordial interactions instead of instilling fear, shame, and insecurity on those we’ve come across with. To become well-liked, here are four simple ways to make people like you:

Be genuinely interested in people

Everyone wants to be heard. Everyone wants to get undivided attention. To be liked, be the person that can make people feel as if they are worth knowing. This is something charismatic people like Justin Trudeau and Bill Clinton are often known for--they make the person they talk with feel like they are the most important person in the room. Do it with sincerity.


Happiness is one of the seven human emotions that are easily and correctly recognized. Smiles exemplify happiness, and these are contagious. Nobody likes bad vibes. Likeable people lift others creating a lighter, more joyful atmosphere.

Remember names

Nothing expresses sincerity and interest as much as calling someone by his or her name. This means that they are not forgotten, they are somehow thought of, and they deserve a place in someone’s array of other people’s names accumulated over a lifetime.

Be a good listener

Humans are said to like hearing their own voices. However, there is a truth to the adage that humans are blessed to have two ears and one mouth because we have to listen more and speak with much thought and consideration. People who are genuinely liked by others take the time to hear them out and give them thoughtful feedback.

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Is it just me or remembering names really isn't something you control? You just happen to remember (or more often, not remember) people's names.


Not just you. I have a hard time attaching names to people in my mind. Except when the name is kinda unique and weird.