You gotta meet this one!

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Have you ever driven down one of those "Sunday drive" country roads... pulled up to a stop sign and made eye contact with one of those cool bikers? Thought to yourself, "I wonder if he is as cool as he seems."

Well... We've got one of our very own, and he's not as cool as he seems. He's cooler. I highly recommend that you take the time to meet @jamerussell. He is our latest trainee, and he. is. cool. Have I said 'cool' enough? One more time. coooooool. 😎

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We have all kinds in the Wagon: talkers, TALKERS, writers, readers, gigglers, helpers, pontificaters, planners, partiers, observers, sarcastic...ers. And we love them all, because we can't all be cut from the same mold! Our differences make is better. We respect one another and we learn from each other.

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James is more of a observer, laugher, reader, occasional poster that loves to color. Yep! Color! Go check out his latest entry for this coloring competition.

Now come on!

A biker that loves to color? It doesn't get any cooler than that!! We are already having a BLAST with you, James! Glad you're a part of our family!

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welcome @jamerussell

looking forward to reading your stuff and laughing with yah.

I think you'll really get along with him...was thinking about you when we were all talking in his training DM today :)

Cool! Yay, welcome to the best family in town :) Looking forward to getting to know you in training this week x

Thanks to @everyone in the family for the support and diligence to educate those who are newbies to all of this, it helps immensely.
I am sorry I was so busy that I never saw this post; now it says it's 9 days old. Oops...

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