New Newbies! Another FIRST!

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Last week

We had two firsts! One our first newbie with an elevated rep (which turned out brilliantly!) and two - our first newbie that was related to a Welcome Wagon Grad (which also turned out brilliantly)!

This week - for another first - we have our first married newbie couple! And oh boy - we have been already enjoying them immensely! They share an account on Steemit, but have separate discords to interact with people. This lovely duo, Scott and Ren, have gotten us wrapped around their pinkies with their fabulous energy!

Not unlike our other recruits, these two are SUPER eager to learn! They love asking question already, and have even started researching on their own in various subjects. Since our training is customized to the recruits, this isn't a problem at all! Their excitement excites us, and their craving for the inner workings of Steemit only fuels us more!

They just learned about our Spreading Joy for Welcome Wagon contest, and as you can see from this post - they don't hesistate. They just jump right in and enjoy getting to know everyone.


Photo belongs to @xcountytravelers

If you enjoy that post - be sure to follow them! They are attempting to visit EVERY county in the United States on their travels! I think you'll be in for a treat!

Welcome Wagon family - be sure to give our love to this new addition to our clan!

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Wagon Wheels and Welcome Wagon logo designed by the amazing @penderis


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Well, thank you for such nice words. We really appreciate all the help you all have already given us. Scott and I are loving the connections we have already made here and help to become a main staple for many people here on SteemIt. Thanks so much again!

Count me in for following their blog and I would love to learn more about how you guide people on their journeys. I feel like I have been "floundering" around (fish pun intended) for a bit now.