Graduation Party x THREE!

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I write another post talking about graduation time and how it's bittersweet. This week is no exception! We are graduating THREE beautiful girls this week!

On Team Sapphire, @bluefinstudios, @saffisara and I had the delightful privilege to Peer @twodorks, the real life sister of our previous powerhouse WW grad, @maquemali. She won us over with her hunger for knowledge, her wonderful questions and her unending joy! She is extremely humble, so it was hard for us to keep convincing her just how thrilled we were to bring her into the WW family! Her love for photography was clearly demonstrated in her posts and I think she is going to be successful in those posts! I'm also anxious to see more of her cooking posts - they were extremely fun AND delicious looking! We won't miss you @twodorks - because you're not going anywhere! hehehe Congratulations on a super successful week!

On Team Cake, @bluefinstudios, @eveningart and I were bowled over with admiration for @youhavewings. Whether it was in her posts, in private DM or in her Team DM - she was continually sharpening her steemit skills by asking great questions, seeking wise counsel on the finer details of the Steemit "background", and posting absolutely knowledge-filled posts! After hearing about her everyday life - I wondered how she found the time to excel so well! At the end of our time, she became so comfortable with the workings of Steemit, we just spent time with random questions and lots of good chit chat! We won't miss you either @youhavewings - because we simply can't let you go! :) Congratulations to you as well on a stellar week!

And what was that? A third graduation? But we only had 2 recruits this week - who is this third graduation?

None other than Senior Grad @eveningart!

As you saw in Team Cake (that's her name choice for her team!), she was a Peer trainee this week! She was intimidated that she wouldn't be able to do as good of a job as she hoped. I am proud to say - she did better than we could have even expected (and we expect a LOT from her)! No longer a Peer trainee - she will be a full-fledged SteemPeer with her own Peer group now! (I'm certainly hoping that there will be lots of cake served with a name-choice like that!) You did a fabulous job this week @eveningart! I love the way that you infuse humor, kindness, and gentleness with the knowledge that you so willingly impart! It takes time, energy and a lot of effort to make sure that we're giving the best of ourselves to our recruits - and you went above and beyond! Thank you for always looking for the little (and big) ways to make Welcome Wagon better! We love your ideas and your mind and your overall care for this family!

Congratulations to all! We love you dearly!

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Congrats grads! Held in high esteem by the Wagon crew. Look forward to seeing you around😎

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Did I graduate? LOL!

Massive congratulations to our two new grads - @twodorks and @youhavewings- I've loved getting to know you over the last week. A big and special thanks from me to @youhavewings for agreeing to let me practice on her ;)

And YAY- thank you for all the encouragement @dreemsteem and @bluefinstudios - you've been such amazing cheerleaders, and I'm so thrilled to join you as peer. Love you guys. E x

Thank you, @eveningart It has been pure joy being around all of you and learning so much. You did great!

Thank you so much @welcomewagon for not only inviting me into your community but also for helping learn so much. You were all a wealth of knowledge and so supportive and encouraging. A true joy getting to know all of you.

And YAY.....WW graduate :)

Thank you Thank you!!! So happy! 😊