Welcome Wagon Is Growing Again!

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There's Some Big News

Changes coming for the Welcome Wagon Family!
Dreemsteem is taking some time, spending her energies developing her dreem, Spunkee Monkee, in the meantime, Welcome Wagon will continue, with Bluefin Studios and ShadowsPub.

We wish her well and cannot wait for her to Launch the Next Phase of SM, and then, we are hoping, she will join us back here at Welcome Wagon as a Welcome Wagon Peer. - @bluefinstudios

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"It's been a privilege, an honor, and an absolute delight to watch our WW family grow and thrive - even through some seasons of Steem where I was worried a Tribe, whose numbers were heavily swayed by Newbies, would not be able to succeed. Due to the perseverance, tenacity, and amazing personalities of our WW family - they grew and matured and blossomed! I was so proud to not just see individual accounts grow - but projects and ideas spawned from within WW as well. As most of you know, I have been pouring my heart, energy, time and money into Spunkee Monkee - and I feel that instead of dividing my time between the two, both would be better served by 100% commitments. I've asked Bluefinstudios (who has been amazing, dependable, and very invested in WW) to take over and lead. I have absolutely no doubt that he will bring Welcome Wagon to new heights. When I asked him if he'd like me to ask someone to come alongside him in his WW duties, he didn't hesitate to name Shadowspub - who has been amazing with WW from the very beginning (and actually - her Witness Chat back in April 2018 was where Welcome Wagon was born, so very appropriate that she should continue to help lead and mold WW for the future). I'm so thankful that I can have full confidence that both of these incredible Steemians will take Welcome Wagon even farther than I had imagined. I'm grateful that they're giving me the freedom to invest my time 100% into Spunkee Monkee, and I know that they will give their all to Welcome Wagon. All our past graduates and future trainees are so blessed to have two Steemians as dedicated as they are. My heart overflows, you two. Godspeed, my Welcome Wagon family!" - @dreemsteem

For anyone who doesn’t know me, I’m ShadowsPub of The Ramble discord and ramblingradio. I’m a strong believer in the power of community and the importance of supporting new Steemians to encourage them to embrace the Steem platform.

I’ve worked quietly to support the Welcome Wagon since it’s inception. @Dreemsteem and @BluefinStudios have made an incredibly strong team. I’m humbled to have been asked to step in and help in order to give Dreem some much needed breathing space to work on her amazing Spunkee Monkee program. I’ll do my best to help as needed and keep WW the great place it has become. - @shadowspub

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Right on love dreemsteem and happy she has things to keep her busy with on steem. But this is great, keep moving forward together helping each other out is great. Keep doing good my friends and thanks for what you do.
*be well

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