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Dear WEKU Community,

Please join the WeKu Team in welcoming the newest member of our development team.

Matthias Liszt or Matt


Matt is a full-time developer living in Vienna and among other things is interested in restoring Esperanto. All of us here at the WeKu Team are excited to have Matt aboard and look forward to a long and congenial relationship.

Please give Matt a follow and help him feel welcome to the WeKu family… Welcome aboard Matt.

Thank you,

The WeKu Team

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Lol, here's one face among the exclusively faceless team to give credence to a 'project' that has all the indicators of a perfect exit scam:

  • No faces or names behind the founder(s),
  • Taking a decentralized, turn key, censorship proof platform and making it seem like there are more than a singular witness while editing the chain,
  • Claims that people had hacked their way to millions of weku and subsequently claiming that the hacked funds would be used to support the community, while the hacked funds were powering down/liquidated, and while the "hacker" was still doling out hundreds of thousands of weku to comments that literally said "thank you" on shit postings.
  • Giving out tokens by automated referrals so as to flood the "place" with traffic, a feature that was so abused that it made the entire scheme of referrals completely broken, numerous people farming weku by creating accounts without any cost what so ever to them

I could probably find many more things, but the most interesting was your removal of the decline payout function, catering exclusively to "earners". I will await with great anticipation the continued evasion of these facts and while not sure what your intentions are, these telling signs only indicate that nobility/integrity/honesty and good will are second to hype and fluff, and let this serve as a caution to anyone who's retarded enough to jump into such an endeavor and offer their skills and experience to, you can consider yourself warned.



Sorry for the flag, it’s not really my style but seem like you went too far with your comment.
There is a line between freedom of speech and discrimination, disrespectful.
Insulted others must have morals limit.

What the heck are you talking about? I couldn't care less about your flag but where did you read any insults or discrimination or disrespect, and "moral limits"? Lol some retards get offended by the truth, by matter of facts. You do realize that the only thing that I opined on was about the intentions behind the referral bonus, but everything else is a matter of fact, not up for debate, and no, it's not insulting to point out these disparaging facts and warn that the time sunk into this "endeavor" might be quite fruitless and for many who are foolish enough to invest a lot more expensive than simply a matter of wasted time.

I disagree, but time will tell.
I went to your home blog page and see you discribe yourself as a "degenerate scumbag."
I do not want to believe this, and choose instead to have respect for you.
Many Weku platform members believe that Steemit has seen its best days, and is now in decline.
Its possible that Weku could be the platform of the future.
Thanks for letting me have my say, have a wonderful day.

You can disagree with my opinion of it being a possible exit scam or why such a broken referral system was created and maintained for months on end but not facts like their making all the dead witnesses appear active by editing the witnesses page when there was only one singular witnesses, or their direct editing of the chain, or their responses to my concerns regarding the, in their own words, hacker, who was still at the time making accounts shoot to 72+ rep with literally only 9 or so votes on comments that were simply "thank you" in response to blatant shit posting and raking in hundreds of thousands of weku, or the 'teams' assertion that said funds would be used for the community (which I still have no idea how something so retarded could leave their lips: a hacker hacked the system before it was even launched so we let them keep all those funds because they will be used for the community).

It does not matter who I regard myself as, or who I am, what could I benefit from exposing these things anyway, what isn't up for debate are those inconvenient facts.





Yes, I disagree. Thanks for your opinion.

With what lol. You disagree with facts? Lol
Do you even know who or what you are promoting? Don't you feel any kind of responsibility for who you are promoting, who you are vetting? Do you have anything to say about the said facts, or the numerous other unmentioned facts that are found in that whaleshares article? Yes you disagree, but you don't even have ANY clue who Weku Team is, and seemingly when confronted with a slew of facts that point to a scam, all you have to say is "I chose to respect you, but I disagree". Your respect is superficial at best, you clearly don't respect the time and effort I took to offer you, on a fucking platter, your choice of inconvenient and damning proof. You respect what exactly? You respect anyone who you promote this to? I doubt you had the time to thoroughly consider all those things, you probably didn't even bother to investigate shit, maybe did not even bothered to read anything.

"yes I disagree, thanks for your opinion" while dismissing facts. You know what you strike me as? A fake, a get rich quick dupe, your words are exactly what numerous people uttered in denial of bitconnnnect, numerous people warning them and many who had their strong doubt but promoted the scam anyway and tried to make money, money that came from other fools, and that scam was levels more sophisticated than this amateurish nonsense of "these activities happened before weku even launched" or blatantly deceiving the users by making dead witnesses appear active, deceiving that it's decentralized. Why do you think that is? Que Bono? O yeah

I'm a pretender, and I disagree.


Finally, to unload all I have on my mind about your "I disagree": the denial of the obvious, the lack of concern for who benefits from all these telling facts, the niceties of "thank you have a spectacular blessed day" from someone who seemingly is living in a paradise while promoting a copycat "jetbejet" (through and through) competitor to the platform and on a platform they consider more or less dying, is levels and levels beyond any self labeled degenerate scumbag because someone so disconnected from good will/ integrity /nobility who pretends to wish good day while blatantly dismissing / disregarding / denying of the undeniably ignoble, manipulative, and deceitful acts which they promote not even by proxy but directly makes them so delusional of their own nature that when they believe to be good, whole, inquisitive, careful, considerate, thoughtful, and appreciative, it's only in their mind, in their infatuation with what a great person they are and that kind of false confidence and mistaken assessment of themselves is endlessly more detrimental to anyone that they come into contact with than a self titled Degenerate Scumbag could ever be since they consider themselves falsely in numerous ways while the degenerate Scumbag has no illusion of themselves and if anything is under selling themselves.

Don't ask questions that aren't true! here, you don't respect Weku-io at all

Enlighten me, how can any question, the opposite of a statement, be true? Why should I respect a platform that hides all the identities of it's founder(s) and that pretends to be decentralized while it has demonstrated that it's not for months on end. Don't worry, I'm not holding my breath for you to redeem your idiocy of questions that are statements of truth or to answer my question. Lastly, I don't know if you know, but there are a total of Zero queries in the above comment you replied to, just saying.

if you, ask me a question here I have no time for me to answer all these questions maybe you, can visit me here


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