Memories of my School Days

This is an interesting challenge. School days are one of the best in my life. I have accumulated lots of memories from my school days. I really wish I got back to those days and live the same life again. I will take this article as a medium to travel through those memories and share some of them that come to my mind. I may not be able to cover all my memories in one article but I will try to cover whatever I remember.

To start with, I was not a very good academic student at my school. Like all the successful people you see in this world, I was also not very great in my academics. 😛 But today I'm learning a lot in my job and profession. I also sometimes feel that if I have had this dedication during my young age, I would have done wonders. But no hard feelings as even being like that paved way for lots of opportunities for me. My teachers and parents tried really hard to make me study well but I failed big time. That doesn't mean that I didn't develop any skills or any learning from school. It just means that I couldn't score very well in the exams. I still remember the Archimedes principle and the physics theorems that I learned during my school days. So, I'm going to talk more about my extracurricular interests from school than my academic memories in this article.

Storytelling memories

I will start with this piece of memory that I have. Even though I don't fully remember anything from my preschool, I have heard it from my parents that I'm very talkative. I used to trouble people with my talking it seems. I don't remember how exactly I did that but I can relate with my talking skills now to understand how I would have troubled people then.


The above image is from my preschool. My parents made me participate in a storytelling competition and I was able to win a prize for the same by telling stories. Nobody knows now the story I would have told then. But I really admire myself for being very bold on stage during that age and talking to a public gathering like that. I continued my storytelling skills and talking skills even during my high school and even in college. It helped me a lot to learn and teach. With this memory, I would also like to say that every kid should be exposed to storytelling or any public speaking at a very young age.

Cultural event memories

Most of my school days were spent on one cultural event or the other. It started in my preschool days. I get dressed up in some random character in a skit or a stage show and I really felt that I liked it the most compared to other things that I did during my school days. The below image is from a dance show that I participated in during the preschool. I can't imagine that I was bold enough to do that during that young age. If someone asks me to dance today, I won't be doing it because today I'm not good at it.


After I grew up, I participated in various inter-school cultural competitions as well and I was able to grab some prizes for the same. In our school, the cultural events happen in a professional way and there will be proper costume designs and makeup done to make the skit look highly professional. Every single year, I used to participate in some cultural event or the other.


Sports memories

To be honest I was not very great at sports. During my 11th and 12th grade I was part of the school volleyball team and Kabadi team as a substitute player in the Zonal level. Even there I didn't do anything than just being in the team for a player shortage.


I might not call myself an athlete but I did grab some prize in running race and a few other competitions during my very young age. After that, I did not focus much on the sports side. I used to participate and complete big running races and my intention was to not win any prize but at least complete the track fully. During my 10th grade, 2 X 1500 meters was my highest running completion record. As I said, I did not win any prize but I felt great in just completing it.

Band team memories

Last but not least I'm going to talk about my band team memories. I was part of the Band team throughout high school. I started my journey as a Flute player in the Band team. We had a bandmaster and a separate team where anyone can join the team and get trained. It was one of the extracurricular activities we had in our school. I actually have so much to talk about this particular memory alone.


We were all given separate uniforms to wear. This made us look a bit different from the usual school students and it also made us feel a little proud of it. I started off as a Flute player and then became a clarinet player and then finally a Saxophone player when I was about to complete the school. We accumulated lots of good memories of being in the band team. We used to have band camps happening where special training will also be given to the band team students. Those camps were super fun.


Apart from our school, we also got the opportunity to visit other schools and other public events and sports events. Some of those events were competitions and some of them were just an event for us to participate. The image that you see above is from one such event. Those days we did not have a handy camera with everyone or else we would have taken lots of photos. These are some of the photos I managed to take from the physical photos that I had.


When I started writing this article, I came up with lots of memories and wanted to write a lot but considering the length of this article, I would like to conclude with the above memories alone. I'm a bit happy to write this article because he helped me traverse through some of the deep memories from my brain that gave me beautiful moments in my life. I have to definitely say that my childhood was awesome with some beautiful memories.


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