Edible weeds

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amaranth flower.jpg
An example of a wind-pollinated flower

Pig Weed or Amaranthus hybridus is another introduced pest in my country. It's called pig weed because it is fed to pigs although humans in South Africa enjoy eating it. It's cooked like spinach: first you boil it in quite a bit of water. when it is almost cooked, you scoop the leaves out and discard the water. If you do this, any remaining sand on the leaves remains on the bottom of the bot. Otherwise, your vegetables taste gritty. Thereafter, we fry diced tomato and onions and add the leaves for a tasty side dish.


The younger leaves are picked from the plants although we don't pick leaves from plants in flower, they must be picked earlier in the season or the leaves will taste bitter.

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My hippie cousins used to cook this all the time, it actually doesn't taste too bad.

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Yes, I like it

This plant probably contains many useful elements once the animals eat it with pleasure.

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I wish we had these in my garden!

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I'm surprised that there aren't

Debe tener muchos nutrientes. Que bueno tenerlo de maleza.

Many plants that we now call "weeds" used to be eaten by our ancestors.
It is a pity that we now know little about this.

Good to know which wild plants you can eat... :-)

We have Amaranthus viridis as a weed here, I talk about consuming it a lot but never have.

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