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I'm going to try something different here. I shall attempt to do an anthropological journal documenting my experiences while traveling to another state in Malaysia to perform as a substitute guitarist at a reggae festival.

Such a festival in this country can potentially garner a significant amount of unwanted attention from the polis 🚨 👮 being that reggae generally means cannabis will be consumed. The festival is being held at a beach resort area by Malays meaning there will exist a certain amount of privilege being that it's common knowledge Malays are the "chosen" people in this extremely diverse country.

I am totally flying by the seat of my pants here. I was called just 2 days ago to ask i could manage playing a gig with one rehearsal and borrowed equipment? I said sure. Why? Because, I'm an idiot and who says no to reggae on the beach!?

I got to rehearsal last night at 11pm after an insane traffic jam....


I'm currently waiting for my ride at the band leaders cousins house and his dad has severe Parkinson's and wanted to talk to the white guy sitting on the couch.. What a challenging situation this is and I am so humbled right now to have a sound body and mind. My heart goes out to all those that are suffering from disease, cancer, disabilities or battling through any other ailments or difficulties.

Fast forward 8 hours, countless spliffs and bongs of hash from Malani India, and a variety of medical grade cannabis I'm guessing is smuggled here from the states and I find myself lying on the floor at a very old heads village house a, stones throw from the beach.

This amazing man Toh is ripped and has been an incredibly kind host. He is steady taking bong rips and preaching along to Bob Marley lyrics with a calm yet revolutionary, action must be taken now spirit. There is no talk of separation or opposing views only the oneness we all are blessed to share in this moment that has brought together generations of humans from vastly different backgrounds.

Oh yeah, the reggae gig! Rain postponed that until tmro which is now today. My old tolerance has made me the least stoned person here by far but I'm feeling the vibes and so happy to be having such an unexpected experience. This excursion has all been very Malaysian. It is well beyond the scope of this text to get into that this late.

I'm going to bid you good people goodnight and lie here in gratitude for the pillow, roof overhead, fan, full belly, clean water, electricity, internet and most of all the company of a brotherhood in man. Give thanks to all the sistars 🌟 as well. That's all I got for now and I hope there's something redeemable in my words that resonates with your heart and soul.

Here is a picture of Tho's homemade bong he named "one love"

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Really happy to hear about your high Malaysian experience. ✌️💚😎

Hi best friend, ho are you.?

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Break a leg!

Peace Love and Bonginess, Bro...

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