GODFATHER OG Evening Spliff with Cheech & Chong Hemp Papers - Smooth, Euphoric, and Well Cushioned - Indica hybrid

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Rolled up a Godfather OG evening spliff with a Cheech & Chong fine hemp paper. Tasty sweet and sour lemon-lime pine buds with a touch of spice on the tail end - decently balanced effects, solid relaxation with euphoric energy.

GODFATHER OG Indica hybrid

Also know as the Don of all Kush strains, the Godfather OG 60/40 Indica hybrid strain was created with the 3-way crossing of the Bubba Kush, L.A. Confidential, and the GDP strains (Source). These Godfather OG buds have a solid 25% THC and decent amounts of Humulene 0.57%, Caryophyllene 0.27%, alpha-Pinene 0.10% terpenes, and less than 0.01% of Linalool, Caryophyllene oxide, Myrcene, beta-Pinene, Limonene, and Terpinolene (Source).


Godfather OG Looks

These cripsy and resinous buds have a darker green look to them, mats of burnt orange pistils, and an ample shimmer of trichomes on the edges.


Godfather OG Scent

The Godfather OG buds have a light earthy pine scent to them.


Godfather OG Effects (Source)

May Relieve - Arthritis, Asthma, Chronic Pain, Depression, Headaches, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Nightmares, PTSD, Stress. Effects - Euphoria, Happy, Hungry, Relaxing, Sleepy


Cheech & Chong Hemp rolling papers

Fun to roll with these Cheech & Chong 1-1/4 Hemp Papers - very thin, i'm guessing 13g/m². They roll up easy and burn lovely. Officially licensed - "www.cheechandchongpapers.com".


Godfather OG buds in the Grinder


Roll Ready


Rolled Up


Godfather OG flavor

Blazed at 8:00PM, First Toke... Sweet and sour lemon-lime pine with a spicy diesel tail end - plenty of terpenes, mouth is tingling - sip of water. Energy building in the chest, mind relaxing and tingling. Putting the headphones on for some bangin tunes - hyped up a little.


Godfather OG effects

5 Minutes After First Toke, Second Toke... More sweet and slightly less sour lemon-lime pine with that spicy diesel tail end, slight baked goods vanilla flavor on that exhale - flavors are darkening nicely. Breathing and heart rate accelerated slightly. Body relaxed with energy bubbling up from the solar plexus, chest cushioned with energy. Mind lightly euphoric and cushioned, face numbed - eye lids lightly relaxed, perma-smirk.


10 Minutes After First Toke...

Third Toke... Sweet and sour lemon-lime pine with a light spice tasty - this one is reminiscent of ginger-ale as well, solid buzz. Eye lids a little more relaxed, mind and body well cushioned, solid energy with euphoria - getting lost in the music.


15 Minutes After First Toke...

Fourth Toke... Tasty tokes half way down the spliff - sweet and bright lemon pine, sparkling. Fifth, Sixth, Seventh Tokes...


1 Hour After First Toke...

Enjoying the decently balanced effects and solid relaxation with that touch of euphoric energy. Smooth cushioned energy in the chest. Tasty lemon-lime pine with that ginger-ale reminiscent aftertaste, i'd smoke these Godfather OG buds in the morning, afternoon, and early evening.

What are your Favorite papers to roll with ?

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It's been a long time since I rolled joints. But I am defiantly old school. Orange Zig Zags was my go to. Now a days, if I bought some, I would go with Raw.

Back in the day, Zig Zags was all i knew about. If i had to pick one, RAW would be a top contender - they don't get crispy like some other papers do.

Orange zig zags all the way LOL But this is a great review! Loved the pics and the attention to detail describing the taste and effects all the way down the joint. Kush strains are so good.

Orange zig zags, FTW! Haha

Thanks, i try to share as much of the smoke experience as i can :) I've smoked the whites and the blues, but i'm not sure if i've rolled with the orange Zig Zags, i'll have to give them a try. I haven't smoked a kush that i haven't liked, decently balanced with that cushion and decent mind focus.

I am absolutely positive that probably any rolling paper made specifically for pot is probably going to be better than zigzag orange, but that was basically just what was available the easiest for me when I was in a joint smoking phase

Lol super burn @jonyoudyer hehe - nice one @carlgnash :)

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Omy I'm drooling from here, those crystals on all the pics make me want to eat them all! You are inspiring me to get my game on!

Seriously, beautiful kolas mate! I'm a joint gal myself, it's easier to be, when you grow your own and have mounds of it. I've been using the Raw Classic. I'm super picky about any chemicals, no bleaches etc. I like that I don't taste them, burn well, sometimes they fall apart, something with the glue?. The element papers have a strange taste to me... you can get the RAW classic in a 500 pack 1 1/4inch size for about 8 bucks if you search on internet.. I'll have to check out the cheech and chong papers thanks! Oh yeah, and you have a new follower! ;)

Since I basically have no skill at rolling a joint, I've always used a pipe. It's just easier for me.
This was a great review!

Cellulose when its pure greeny 😊 very very slowburning!

Woooooooo, Let me sniff it, sniff

Good to see you around, Jack! Sounds like you had a good time.

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  ·  3 months ago (edited)

Thanks, it was a comfortable and hazy winter - lots of wood chopping and tree burning :) House building time of year now, got the floor on top of the foundation - the lumber's been delivered, starting framing the day after tomorrow when the rain clears up, stoked. Have a few gardens in, didn't start tomatoes and peppers ahead of time like i should but overall it should be a nice bounty this year :)

Did you finally start your tomato plants, or did you do what I've been doing and buy them already started? :-)
I started some of my tomato plants this year, but I started them late.

I just seeded the cherry tomato direct into the garden a couple weeks back, put a poly tarp over them to warm up the ground a little - about 50% of them have popped up already :) Wild strawberries will be ready by the weekend, Rhubarb was up first, i'm on the hunt for asparagus, want to get some more perennials in the ground for early spring harvest next year.

It sounds like you have a good start on the garden. I've thought about asparagus a few times, but I don't really have a good spot for it in my garden. My rhubarb really should be picked soon, but then I'll have to get busy and process it...

Amazing to see those nugs!

A lot of buds look normal at first glance but with a closer look they really come to life. I'm always impressed with how well the trichome and pistil structures hold up in the packaging, a testament to the respect they are treated with :)