New Strain on the Block

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Hello there fellow Steemians! I hope you all have been doing well. Today I have a sneak peek for you all. The photos I'm sharing with you today are of an Allgreens original: London Cheesecake. The pollen came from a Original Cheese X True Believer and the mother was the London Poundcake. She looks great and is big enough, however we will still have to see how she washes before we can put her in the lineup. I have three shots for you in this post. I hope you enjoy!

London Cheesecake Close Up


London Cheesecake Overview


One More For Good Luck!



I hope everyone enjoyed this post and happy growing to you all!


Nice!! Some new london strains i didnt know of! Congrats on the strain creation

Thanks so much! Hope she's a winner!

I can't wait to get home for the holidaze

wowee the cheese is lookin' stanky :)

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