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RE: I need advice from an experienced grower

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The first pic just may be a case of overwatering. To achieve more volume, first start off with a larger pot. Also super crop, and the SGROG. As far as nutrition goes,cannabis loves it!but there are many options. I have always preferred living soil.



This is just one plant. I super cropped then started to SGROG a few days before flower. Hope this info helps! Happy growing


I need to find out what tis means fore the soil -
Kelp meal - ½ cup per cubic foot
Crab/shrimp meal - ½ cup per cubic foot
Mineral mix - 4 to 5 cups per cubic foot
Comfrey leaf – Use a handful top-dressed and then cover with worm castings
Oyster Shell - 1/2 cup per cubic foot
Bio Char - 1 cup per cubic foot
I can ask at the shops how deal in this.
But my other question is ...
for that cropping you have to be in growing light. 18/6 and goes with auto flowers?

This ia your base mix? What is the base soil? Peat or coco? Also i am thinking ahe is growing fine. Maybe a bit extra water to one feeding but with supersoil you dont want it to dry out.

@Skylinebuds has been learing a lot latley, and I am starting to ask him questions. I will forword this to him.

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