I need advice from an experienced grower

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This is my tent garden and everything is going very well. But I'm afraid something will go wrong after all. My question is about the color.
this plant has received some extra water. The leaves hang down a bit. it also has the least large pot. I find the white threads very green in color. Do I worry to mutch?



I also want more volume, how can I achieve that? without too much nutrition. Would like to prove a bit that it can also do without, purely on water earth light air.
So wat you think pleace let me know.
Thanks 4 being here to....



The first pic just may be a case of overwatering. To achieve more volume, first start off with a larger pot. Also super crop, and the SGROG. As far as nutrition goes,cannabis loves it!but there are many options. I have always preferred living soil.



This is just one plant. I super cropped then started to SGROG a few days before flower. Hope this info helps! Happy growing

I need to find out what tis means fore the soil -
Kelp meal - ½ cup per cubic foot
Crab/shrimp meal - ½ cup per cubic foot
Mineral mix - 4 to 5 cups per cubic foot
Comfrey leaf – Use a handful top-dressed and then cover with worm castings
Oyster Shell - 1/2 cup per cubic foot
Bio Char - 1 cup per cubic foot
I can ask at the shops how deal in this.
But my other question is ...
for that cropping you have to be in growing light. 18/6 and goes with auto flowers?

This ia your base mix? What is the base soil? Peat or coco? Also i am thinking ahe is growing fine. Maybe a bit extra water to one feeding but with supersoil you dont want it to dry out.

@Skylinebuds has been learing a lot latley, and I am starting to ask him questions. I will forword this to him.

Looks fine. Don't change anything. You're almost done! The leaves are supposed to turn yellowish at the bottom now, that's okay :)

I think it is doing good, it will turn to a beauty in a couple of weeks.

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