A Frog In My Cannabis?! Is That Bad?

in weed •  25 days ago 

Everyone say hi to my frog friend!
He was outside croaking like crazy. I drained the water that pooled in the flower beds and put this guy indoors. {the white crystals are Epsom salt}.
Frogs are great! I get flies in the house every summer from the grow light if i have indoors! These tree frogs dine on flies. I took this frog photo-shoot as an opportunity to show a long angle of my little 1 plant grow. You can see my lights above and my awesome humidifier. The blue bowl is for the froggy.

STRAIN: Jamaican Tall Boy.

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Ribbit! Seems like frogs love your indoor weed. Lol hopefully it will eat your gnats too.


I brought it inside this time.

I love the relationship between plants and animals - great natural cycle you've got going here!

Make sure to report back about the insect population!

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