Wednesday Walk with our Daughter and her Dogs.

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With my daughter visiting the farm for the weekend, this walk was extra special. We grabbed our walking sticks, and with the dogs in their full glory, we walked a country mile.
Cloe may only be 6 months old, but boy can she run.

I thought this ice formation covering a small brook was kind of neat.
No fear, and obviously Cloe doesn't mind the cold water and a little mud.

Time to play with big brother Oliver.

Nothing like a drink of fresh water!
Another rather interesting ice formation.


With Oliver on one side of the partially frozen brook, it took some coaxing to get Cloe across.

Well, she finally made it.

Home at last, no worse for the wear, just a little muddy.
Ya that's me, Cloe, It's my 6 month birthday.

OK, where is that outside shower I have been hearing about. You think they would have spruced me up before the photo shoot.

This is my entry in the #wednesdaywalk challenge by @tattoodjay

Hope you enjoyed!

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What a cool walk post, Love your take on it, not so much the cold and ice I am trying to forget that season LOL
Love the action shots of Cloe and Oliver :)

This post was a pleasure to read

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk !tip


Thanks for the very gracious compliment. Happy you enjoyed reading this post @tattoodjay.
Always Appreciated!
Always Humbled!


Nothing gracious about it I just say what I feel for my comments 😎👍😎
Have a great day

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Thanks for the up-vote and reply. I will be following in the future.

Good times, @thebigsweed, I meant to give you a bigger upvote dude, sorry about that—that was an accident!

I was gonna tell you, in case you were wondering, each of the ice formations your pictured, they changed shape as soon as you turned your back. 👍🏿


It is a constant changing landscape.
Thanks for the up-vote and reply.
Always Appreciated!
Always Humbled!


I meant to do an Upvote like that the first time—my bad! 😉 Hey man, I’m glad you’re on my screen, you gotta check out the reward on this article I released on Monday.

I’m sofa king stoked about it I’m actually pointing it out to my friends who may have missed it, can you tell? I heard a rumor you’ll be at #fff tomorrow.... can’t wait!

What cool looking dogs and post. I love the freeze melt cycle of break up and all the interesting patterns that can show in the ice puddles.


They are very cool dogs and so well trained. Cloe, the younger one, already follows many commands.
Thanks for the reply and up-vote.
Always Appreciated!
Always Humbled!


High energy dogs like that really do need to be trained well, and they do make for active companions, one of the few dog types that can actually wear a kid out. I had the pleasure of owning a Blue Heeler - Australian Shepherd mix for almost 15 years.

Good job @thebigsweed


Thanks @farm-mom, happy you enjoyed.