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One of the first things I can remember collecting as a kid are Hot Wheels—little toy matchbox cars I would play with in the dirt and build roads for, towns for, jumps of course, cliffs, paint them with markers, etc. I can remember trips to K-Mart with my mother prior to beginning public schooling, each time we went, I would get a new Hot Wheel. I knew my collection perfectly—I never got a duplicate toy.

I was born and raised a Denver Broncos fan—I could tell you 20 years worth of stats, spell a players first and last name, know their jersey number, have their practice and game schedule memorized, where they played college, who’s in/out on Sunday, manage multiple fantasy teams, etc. It wasn’t until the season before last I finally stopped paying attention to it.

I grew up just outside Los Angeles, California, in the desert—I grew up on dirt bikes, a lot of us did. I always tell people I was riding before I could walk. I knew how much practice time I needed on the bike before races, I knew my gas to oil mixture, how to replace spokes, clean the carburetor, basic mechanical stuff, sure, but for a young kid, I knew my way around motorcycles well. The bikes were always maintained, never dirty, in pristine running condition, fast and reliable—all I had to do was hold on.

My very first cassette tape was No Parking On The Dance Floor by Midnight Star. I had just started kindergarten so I would’ve been either four or five years old—I played it in the classroom one day as part of ‘show n tell.’ That track is still a jam! The very first LP I owned was Michael Jackson’s Thriller and, the following week, I can remember talking my mother into buying me Three Lock Box by Sammy Hagar. I wasn’t older than five—I still know all of the words to each those songs.

My favorite cartoon as a kid was Tom & Jerry. I realize now it’s most likely because they were always breaking things and boys are naturally destructive creatures. I have an all-time favorites list regarding movies, too, I’m a ‘chick-flick’ fan so you know Sweet Home Alabama is on there, as well as, Maid In Manhattan—if Leonardo or Ryan Gosling are in it, odds are it’s going be a good movie.



There isn’t one—it’s pointless. It’s all a bunch of useless information that I was taught to believe is valuable and holds weight.

I was taught there’s three named meals per day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Eggs, pancakes, toast, a waffle, bacon is served in the morning with milk, coffee, orange juice and it’s called breakfast—“the most important meal of the day!” Chips, sandwiches, fruits and snacks are served in the afternoon with tea, water, soda, or another caffeinated drink and it’s called lunch. Meats, salads, potatoes, vegetables, pastas are served in the evening with water, juice or another soda and it’s called dinner. Each of the food items I just listed are part of the four basic food groups—I was taught that too.

Nobody told me it’s not really orange juice. I’ve never seen preservatives listed under any of the #food groups. Why isn’t sugar on the list or at least talked about? Nobody told me how many pigs in the US come from North Carolina where surrounding fish can’t survive in natural bodies of water because of saturated earth caused by pig and swine excrement. That’s a lot of earth! Eggs—that’s another one.

Rather than being taught what macaroni and packaged cheese with chopped up hot dogs is or boxed scalloped potatoes, I was taught how to balance a checkbook. The first time I can remember learning how to balance a checkbook was in Mrs. Mumford’s math class in eighth grade—I would’ve been 12 years old, I was in that same classroom the day of the big earthquake. It seems like I got an annual refresher all throughout the remainder of my public schooling. Canned tuna, ground turkey, it didn’t matter—it took me about 30 something years before I began questioning what’s inside those packages.

I never questioned the Feds, either, I just pay them. Eat the food on the shelves and pay the IRS, everybody pays them and, at the beginning of the year, you get a tax refund, refund tax, whatever it’s called yada yada—I learned how to add lines A through G when I was 16 years old. I know how many dependents I can and can’t get away with, I’m an itemizing, April 15th loathing, taxpaying loyalist but, as far as what’s in it, what’s inside, I have no idea—like a can of tuna or albacore or whatever it is.

I was too busy being conditioned. I was too busy being assigned to read Of Mice and Men one year and then watch the movie, as a class, the following year. What’s the significance for adding John Steinbeck’s 1937 novel to the National Curriculum anyway? Of Mice and Men: A retarded guy named Lenny is escorted around by a guy with a quick tongue, George, together they score a ranch job where Lenny kills a rabbit before killing the ranchers wife, whom he’s infatuated with, by breaking her neck with his hands. And then George, his best friend, put the town at ease by shooting Lenny in the head and killing him—National...



Lenny, how to balance a checkbook, my times tables, sex-ed several times throughout my public schooling, four years of English in high school, sports, pep rally’s, school buses, relationships and parties, government and economics my senior year, mandatory Spanish in Junior High, stop me if you don’t recognize any of these. They’re all a necessary process to achieve the big picture—tainted reality.

Lenny. Don’t be nice to the retarded guy because he doesn’t know his own strength and he can break your neck. Be careful with your quick-witted friends, too, they’ll shoot you in the head. Don’t trust anyone, just do as you’re told and tend to the farm.

Checkbook. Spend money, spend all of it. Track it down to the last penny or don’t keep track of any of it, the ledger is optional but familiarize yourself with it—spend it! “It takes money to make money.” Upon entering college, you won’t qualify for a decent auto loan with an interest rate in single digits but you’re pre-approved for 300 grand at your nearest university—congratulations!

Times tables. Numbers are more important than history, hand shakes, personable conversations, reading comprehension, English, all of it, numbers are required in order to make and receive purchases, not words. Times tables should be learned at the elementary level—don’t mix business with pleasure.

Sex-Ed. Now you know what to expect, visually, when you have your first child. Flirting in the classroom gets a little more intuitive during sex-ed class as you mature, you’ll also know what to expect, visually, when you have your first child—that’s it! Choices that last a lifetime, commitment, preventative measures, how to approach and acknowledge challenged children—you’re on your own. Welcome to parenthood!

English in the US is required at every grade level. The more fluent and knowledgeable you are in English, the less you can communicate with the rest of the world which means it’s less likely you’ll leave. I’m surprised how many people outside the United States speak English but I’m more surprised how many English speaking people can only speak English.

Sports, physical education, it’s all necessary. You’ll use all of your energy, you’ll focus all of your attention on it, train vigorously and then it’s over. Your attention will turn to the television with the same sport continued by athletes who were substantially better than you were so you’ll watch their every move, watch their games and pay attention to their stats. You’ll create your own fantasy leagues, purchase aftermarket attire, stickers for your car and some of you even hold season tickets—I dreamt of that too.



Pep rally’s. How to enter an establishment on a weekly basis, accordingly, in a single file line without incident, with your fellow classmates and assume your previously assigned seating arrangement—seniors on the right, freshmen on the left or vice versa.

School buses. Public transportation preparation is a concern when you’re of legal working age. You’ll need a ride to and from work. Public transportation will be available to your job site and the grocery market, the bank, possibly a post office and the surrounding vicinity will have an occasional public stop. You’ll always be given multiple options to catch a ride to work and to the bank.

Relationships and parties. The only natural occurring events I’ve listed in this entire article, everything else is taught—like racism. Nobody is born identifying their skin color as superior or subordinate to another skin color—it’s taught. You have to be taught that. It’s something you’ve picked up on, learned, and continue to teach.

Government and economics. You’ll learn the branches, in which order offices are gained or appointed, and the lengths of terms. You’ll read about a whole bunch of white guys who signed the Bill Of Right’s, “We The People,” and all of that. They won’t teach you about Alec or lobbying, though. You’ll never have an assignment that asks you to explain the difference between private and public and how that impacts education, prisons, safety and security, federations and last but not least, media—everything you see.

Spanish for two years. Now you know how complicated it is to communicate with anyone outside of your comfort zone—don’t go anywhere. Know what side of the wall you reside on and use a combined effort to increase its strength and appearance. Since grade school I’ve been conditioned to fear Libya, Iraq, Mexico, Panama, Cuba, Russia (Russia is a big one!), not as big as North Korea, though! China, Japan, Germany, are you getting all of this? Africa, Syria, India, not Israel, though! I’ve always been taught “Israel is a US ally” and pretty much every other piece of land on the globe I’ve been conditioned to fear in some way or another—“stay!” They even tried to convince me to steer clear of Australia and New Zealand—I hear they don’t like North Americans.


Conformation complete!

Now you won’t ask questions when you wake up every day before the sun rises, punch a clock for someone else, pay your government fees and make it home in time for dinner—you’ve been practicing since you were five. We’ve not only been taught how to ask questions, we’ve been taught what questions can and can’t be asked—classified. Being absent from your children’s lives is acceptable behavior if you want them to eat, you’re not the only one, generations before you and everyone you work with is equally deprived of their children’s attention—it’s easier for them to be schooled that way. Speaking of eat, feed them the same #food on the shelves you were taught to eat, don’t ask what’s in it, nobody taught you how to do that—reading ingredients takes time and a dictionary, it’s unimportant. Times tables, however, at the elementary level.

Partying and getting together amongst your friends has the potential of landing you in trouble, the only natural occurring thing in this entire article. Party safely and be consciously aware of what you can and can’t do to avoid the strong arm of the law. Fires, loud music, after hours, public beaches, depending where you’re located, if approved, you’ll need a permit for that—those cost money. I wonder how many people reading this aren’t allowed to listen to music? Could you imagine that, #music getting banned from your country?

So, did you read all of this rant or skim your way through? It was a long one, huh? Believe it or not, I cut a lot of it out. How do you end a long winded rant, though, what do you think I should say, “The end?” Will that work or should I continue ranting about nothing? There’s plenty of space for me to do that. Did you watch that whole YouTube clip in the previous paragraph about bands that are banned from various part of the world, even The Beatles? They were banned because they were loved too much—The Beatles have “no artistic merit” according to Israel. There’s multiple reasons for banning a band from your country, I guess, but The Beatles? There was some big time bands on there, The Kinks, Stones, Led Zeppelin—I didn’t know that. The first couple of bands on that clip got banned from various parts of the world and I can’t even understand what they’re screaming about.




Hello there!

"I’m surprised how many people outside the United States speak English but I’m more surprised how many English speaking people can only speak English."

That is really astonishing. I guess they just assume everyone else in the world will know English, so... "why bother"?

Since grade school I’ve been conditioned to fear Libya, Iraq, Mexico, Panama, Cuba, Russia (Russia is a big one!), not as big as North Korea, though! China, Japan, Germany, are you getting all of this? Africa, Syria, India, not Israel, though! I’ve always been taught “Israel is a US ally” and pretty much every other piece of land on the globe I’ve been conditioned to fear in some way or another — stay! They even tried to convince me to steer clear of Australia and New Zealand — I hear they don’t like North Americans.

I see Portugal didn't make that list. I guess the people in the American Government must look at a map, search for Portugal, fail to find it and, once again, ask: "why bother"?

Music being banned is sometimes comprehensible, since their lyrics are too violent or extreme. I'm thinking about bands like Cannibal Corpse or Deicide.

But there are cases where I fail to see the logic... for example, there is a band I like, Within Temptation, a Dutch Melodic Metal band, whose lyrics aren't political in any shape of form.

What is the reasoning for Russia to ban this band? I don't know... and I listened to it when I visited Moscow. No one went trough my MP3 player when I got there. And I didn't knew it was banned at the time. Lucky me.

And then there are bands that I understood if they were banned in the USA. But they aren't. Abnormality is a good example. They are from Massachusetts, United States and maybe the US Government didn't ban them because they couldn't understand the lyrics!!! 😂

Thanks for your article. I liked it so much that I've upvoted it with my second account, too... and I will resteem it. 😄

@trincowski. Thank you for such encouraging words. I’m not gonna lie man, when I get into an article like this where it’s not so much a story of an event per say but my opinion instead, I get nervous clicking that post button. Thank you for your support, it means a lot!

You’ll have to excuse my connection, I clicked on both videos and I don’t have clear enough internet to view them—Danget! I’ll come back though until I can see them both and add to this response.

What could some consequences been had you been caught listening to that band in Russia? How did that happen, were you listening to them and then someone told you that you can’t—how did that work?

Well, Portugal isn’t on the list, correct. But I think it’s safe to say I covered it when I said they taught me to fear “every other piece of land on the globe.” 😉 But specifically Portugal, I think you’re right, they couldn’t find it on the map.

Fun fact, trincowski, the English speaking people who read this article and can only speak English, what I said went right in one eye and out the other.... ‘he’s talking about everyone else.’

Thanks for stopping by, @trincowski. Thanks for the Resteem, sir, I’m really grateful!

You're welcome.

What could some consequences been had you been caught listening to that band in Russia? How did that happen, were you listening to them and then someone told you that you can’t — how did that work?

I didn't even know. I only found out after I returned that they were banned in Russia and I never knew why.

Meanwhile, it seems the situation was reversed as Within Temptation have been touring in Russia for the last few months:

Oh well, I guess I'll never know what was that about. I can't even find anything about it on Google, very weird.

Yes! I was able to watch the clips this time, thanks for showing me those, @trincowski. That Abnormality video is wild! Like you said, they’re still performing because the US probably can’t underatand their lyrics—I sure couldn’t! Wild video.

I still can’t figure out what’s so unpeaceful about Within Temptation. 🤔

I don't know. Maybe they were victim of some retaliation against the EU sanctions, seeing that they are a Dutch band and the Dutch Government botched up the investigation of the fallen plane over Ukraine, which added fuel to this whole mess...

Spot on Bro!

I love it when people put my feelings/understandings/visions into words.

Ps, my kid is hooked on all the old shows. Tom n Jerry being one of them. Smurfs, road runner, speedy Gonzalez, etc etc lol. You would be surprised at some of the messaging i am seeing in them. Road runners the best. Everytime he goes meep meep, my kid goes beep beep and my dog starts barking thinking someone is here haha.

Yeah, even fishing or going into the woods was made prohibited here. I was able to go to clubs and get drunk at 16 but God forbid i ride my 4wheeler, camp or fish in the massive woods, thats a felony charge.

I love it when people put my feelings/understandings/visions into words.

That sure is an awesome compliment dude, thank you! My pleasure my friend.

Heck yeah, I watched the Smurf’s too! Man, I can’t believe I forgot about that, thanks for the reminder.

A felony?! It’s a felony to go in the woods? Why? You can’t fish either? Is it private water ways or something? I don’t get it.

Man, I wish I could record this thunder storm we’re having, it sounds so awesome!

Thanks for stopping by @weirdheadaches.

I really dont know why. It was horrible but we still did it. Woods everywhere when i was growing up. Now same no no woods are ALL CUT DOWN w massive apartment complexes everywhere. Glad they protected the fish n wildlife (<sarcasm). Where i live out west is the last remnants of any type of country setting.

Cool, it rained here a little, no thunder: (

This is a 15-30 minutes read.. I'll be back after a few rounds of battling and rumbling 😂.. I just don't get it.. what fun you have by playing the hot wheels?

As a little kid, playing with ants is fun. Hot wheels are a lot better than ants, no? 🤔

15-30.. I’m not sure about that one, you’re an English speaking pro, Miss cicisaja, you could probably do it in 12—piece O cake! How’s Monday treating you?

Thanks for stopping by @cicisaja.

I think your childhood is fun, friend ... you live in a very advanced country without ever knowing "poverty". My childhood is not as beautiful as you because my family was poor.

You’re right, elianaelisma, the only thing I know about poverty is what’s taught and shown, I’ve never experienced it first hand—thank God.

I don’t come from a rich family, not in the tiniest bit actually, but I am very blessed to be in the position I am and I’m thankful for my childhood—without it, I wouldn’t be exactly where I am right now. I wish you all of the same blessings. 😉

Thanks for stopping by @elianaelisma.

you have a lot of impression when you were a child and also have mibil toys from matches, I also remember when I was a kid I used to make toys from a few sticks, and was very entertained

Yes! I used to race sticks down the gutters, in the excess water from people washing their cars or watering their lawns—good ol’ day’s!

Happy Monday, sir, do you have anything exciting going on this week?

Thanks for stopping by @ustazkarim.

yes, I also have an interesting thing, when I came home from the market I was wrong to invite people to go home, I thought my wife was about someone's wife..hehe

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What’s a bidbot? 😉

Dear Artzonian, thanks for using the #ArtzOne hashtag. Your work is valuable to the @ArtzOne community. Quote of the week: Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. -Victor Pinchuk

Anytime, @artzone, shooooooot!



Did you know a whole bunch of music was banned here in SA?

That's sofa King Crazy as you say always!!

Gimme a few examples, any bands that I’m familiar with that got banned in SA?

I didn’t even notice the capital ‘Ed’ until you sent this, I guess my phone is just so used to talking to you, it knew ed needed an E.

Thanks for stopping by @edprivat. I’m sofa king glad you did. 👍🏿

@dandays You are an incredible person!
You've grown up your time.
The whole world is wrong, but you are above all this.
Perhaps if you are dealing with writing or politics, the world will be a better place to live.
PS I also like Hot Wheels, Michael Jackson, Tom and Jerry, and many others, both from our childhood and now.

First things first, I need you give you this fancy pink text today—it’s settled:

I really appreciate your encouraging words. I was just telling someone else how it’s not so difficult pushing the post button if I’m reciting a story, recapping some travel, stuff like that. But when I’m being opinionated like this one, I’m a nervous mess before I click post—thanks for supporting what I’m doing around here, I’m really grateful. It’s complimwnts like this that lead me to believe in doing something right—thank you!

From the sounds of it, we have many similar childhood memories—how cool is that?! Tom n Jerry rock!

Thanks for stopping by @eii.

My FAVORITE pastime was hitting perfectly shaped rocks using a perfectly shaped stick ..( 1 1/2" oak lath about 3" long would have been ideal )...into the lemon grove adjacent to our house. The rows of trees determined the value of each hit. I think 10 rows was a home run but it doesn't matter...I made all the rules.

I killed my first bird with with my new bb gun when I was 10.
It was a red breasted Robin. It died in my hand.
I've never intentionally killed another bird or animal since, except for flies and mosquitos and black widow spiders.

During my 50+ years ( It's PC to say that, right ) I've been subjected to the same educational apparatus as you,,,and then some. Like you, I survived the brainwash and I continue my quest for the inevitable.

My journey continues to be made possible through the support of the invaluable friendships that that were forged along the way...that kinda sounds like a TV disclaimer. That was my facetious intent , anyway.

Like a famously banned band once said, " All you need is love, love. Love is all you need ".

“Going... going..... gone!!” Carklevicci is taking a victory lap around the bases!

That’s crazy about the bird. I have a similar story. BB gun, Robin, it didn’t die in my hands, though. I never shot another bird again.

“But the rabbit is so soft, George, it’s so soft.”

I love it when you drop me lines man, how’s the move going, are you all settled in to your new place? We were just talking bout you the other day—we both hope we get an opportunity to see you again, sir. God bless you, Veech.

Thanks for stopping by @carklevicci.

I'll be officially moved on the 1st of May.
We're having a birthday bash for Terry on May 11.
Jerry Mike Jaru Roydog Papps BingoHall Gregor Sly Craig Wes Junior Zook Hal Birchbitch Vic Billy Blastoff and all their ladies Apryl my kids and of course yours truly... to name a few. I'll hook up a video call on discord.

Howdy sir dandays! too long, headin for bed, will catch it tomorrow.

Too long, huh? Well, I guess I should say “I’m sorry you feel that way, Janton.” 😉

howdy sir dandays! no! it was just too long for the time I had last night sir dandays, it was 2 am and I was heading for bed! sorry for the confusion. Although today will be better as I've had time to brace myself because I had a little bit of gag reflex about the chic-flix issue! lol.

Haha!!! I was just giving you a tough time, sir. Take your time—no worries. We’ll catch up later.

NO! lol,..,it has to be today or I miss the voting time sir dandays. you really watch chic-flix though? lol.
Actually, I've even seen a few that I like. very few but I have.

Yes’ir, “guilty!” The Notebook is a great one! Kate & Leopold, uhm.. Hitch, I could rattle off a bunch of them, Janton. I like them all, though. If it’s good, I like it. Heat had always been one of my all time favorites. Just under Tombstone, the Tombstone where Val Kilmer plays Doc Holiday. But chick flicks are definitely my favorite.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, and I’ve never done social media and I don’t play video games either, I know—I’m a nerd!

howdy back sir dandays! aren't you supposed to be out boating or something?
Hey do you mean Heat or The Heat? I've seen both of those but I haven't seen any of the others you mentioned as far as chick flix, of course you knew I saw Tombstone from all the scenes I took from it for my series on Doc Holliday

Hey a nerd is someone who does video games all day you can't call yourself a nerd! I've never played one, I'm a dinosaur.

Heat. I was just saying how I’m not strictly into chick flicks, I like action movies, too. The Heat is funny! But Heat, the action movie, is an all-time favorite.

Oh man, you’ve never seen The Notebook? Janton, are you telling me you’ve never seen The Words either?? Janton, I highly recommend you watch those—awesome movies!

edit I got so excited about telling about those two movies I forgot to explain why I’m not in a boat or something. Well, it’s hot out there! Also, Pura Buda just got back from Panama last night and we’re in chill mode.

What a great post and justly rewarded. I felt like I was going back in time. There were numerous situations that you pointed out that struck a cord with me.
" Upon entering college, you won’t qualify for a decent auto loan with an interest rate in single digits but you’re pre-approved for 300 grand at your nearest university—congratulations!"
I have come to the conclusion that this is a way for the system to get you locked into their bulls--t from early on.

"Being absent from your children’s lives is acceptable behavior if you want them to eat, you’re not the only one, generations before you and everyone you work with is equally deprived of their children’s attention."
This statement is all too true, and for most young couples starting out it is a necessity to jump on the wheel and provide your children with everything every other kid has. As you have so precisely put it, we are conditioned to think this way.
To this day I am thankful that we didn't take the bait on this one.
When we started our family, a mutual decision was made that we would raise our children. With only one source of income we did not keep up with the Jones, but we did raise our kids, as one of us was always there. They may have not had all of the cool stuff every other kid had, but they always had our love and attention. Material stuff just didn't matter all that much.

"Nobody is born identifying their skin color as superior or subordinate to another skin color—it’s taught."
This line brought back the memories of one particular event that occurred when I was only 17. I was not blind to the fact that racism was part of the fabric of our society, but I had never experienced it first hand.
While on a 10 day trip with the college baseball team we played several games in Virginia, West Virginia and the Carolina's. One evening a handful of us went out for dinner in a local place right across from where we were staying. One of the guys in our group was a dude named Joey Briggs, a black man. At the time, his brother Johnny Briggs was playing professional baseball for the Phillies, and was an up and coming star.
As soon as we entered the place, we were told that we all could be seated, but that they would not allow the colored guy to join us as it was against their policy. I was shocked, and needless to say we left. Boy that event was an eye opener.

"Since grade school I’ve been conditioned to fear Libya, Iraq, Mexico, Panama, Cuba, Russia (Russia is a big one!),"
Talk about conditioning, when I was back in grade school we had fire drills, OK, but what the hell were they thinking when we would practice bomb drills. We would all jump under our desks, be on our knees, with our hands over our head. Now that is conditioning, but I guess that if the Commies did push the button down, this maneuver would keep us all safe.
It is time for more people to question the s--t we are fed and start thinking out of the box. In many small ways I feel that people are starting to get it. Isn't that what this crypto revelation, homesteading, getting off of the grid and other alternative life styles is all about.
I know, another one on thebigsweed's long replies, but no kidding I feel like I'm just getting started.
I will leave it at that. What a provocative piece. Thanks @dandays

My pleasure, @thebigsweed, thank you for giving me such a well thought out response. I’m not making this up, I said to Pura Vida just now which, by the way, every time I type Pura, my autocorrect types “Oura.” 🤔 Anyhow, I just said to her “go look at the response Sweed just left me. For someone to give me, a dude who’s substantially younger than him, such kind compliments feels amazing!” iheart your full-bodied size responses—I have a feeling you’re about to get one in return. 👍🏿

The crypto revolution, homesteading, you’re exactly right. We’re all starting to realize the magnitude of big banking at the same time—it’s a beautiful thing. What an amazing concept we’ve come to accept as a community—needing a central bank, actually “needing” one. I’m almost ashamed to admit it took me 30 something years before I realized how evil that concept is. About the only thing I never took the bait on was “direct deposit.” My God, Never even seeing your worth, just trusting your employer to be on good terms with central banking and Vice versa—obserd.

Learning the fire drills and bomb drills at such a young age and what seems to be a weekly basis—what do you think? Do you think that’s a commy prevention tactic or a fear tactic? They began conditioning us long before we thought about asking questions. They’re F’ing evil, Rob, they know it.. we know it.. Pura Vida has even said things like “how do you think they feel?” And my response is typically to the extent of “they’re not human, they don’t feel anything.” As I write you this response, I really hope I get to see Cuba, Libya, Iraq, etc. one of these days.

Good for you guys to wipe your you know what with that restaurant who refused service to Joey Briggs. All of that hatred has to be taught—it’s terrible and inhumane. But, Sweed, I thought you were a big shot in the big leagues?! You mean to tell me you were a dual sport phenom—I’m impressed!

I’m not surprised at all by you raising your family the way you did—providing support and, at the same time, someone always being home for the kids. God bless you guys! I said it in a previous response but I’ll happily say it again—“thank you for leading by example.”

Yeah, man.. the whole student loan confinement, what a shame! Locking perfectly human, oxygen breathing souls down to a student loan that can’t be paid off in a lifetime—I can’t beleive our country has instilled such practices. Everything they teach revolves around consumption, it’s F’ing gross! I sure do appreciate you taking the time to read my work, sir, it leads me to believe I’m doing something right. Thank you!

About the reward on this post, what in the heck is going on with Steem?! I appreciate that, kindly, and you’re absolutely right, this is a pleasant reward—blocktrades rocks!! I’m so blessed they stopped by, sir, this was another one I was real hesitant to click the post button on. Sharing my opinion always makes me nervous. 👍🏿 What I’m asking you is, just a few days ago it was valued at $63. 🤔 That’s a heck of a tank in just a few short days, what do you make of this downward spiral?

Thanks for stopping by, @thebigsweed, to say “the pleasure is all mine” is an understatement. It was nice to see you at #fff again, too. Happy Saturday to you and yours!

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Howdy sir dandays! that was quite a rant sir! But it didn't end did it, was there a summary?
I think you need to take what you cut out and do another post. Because I'm curious, and I'm sure everyone else is, to know what you cut out! Take a poll, you'll see. We demand the unedited version! lol.

Oh, and what's this about a new platform that you found out about but won't share with anyone?

First, I apologize for no Upvote, sir, I hope you know I’m not a fan of this AT ALL—sorry. I’m attempting to release one post each day this week and, by doin so, I’ve been upvoting all week and my strength went down to a 60%. It’s 80% now so it still needs to build—I need to adjust my voting weights... that’s next. Anyhow, please know my intentions are God (I meant to type ‘good’ just now but a capital “God” typed instead and I wasn't about to change it!!). haha.

Really, Janton? You would like to know the edits I removed, seriously? Because I could continue with this rant. You mean to tell me you want to skim another one? 😉 You didn’t skim, did you? Well, not that much I hope. Have I told you you’re easily one of my favorite digital relationships on this entire platform? I’m not exaggerating, sir. I look forward to your history lessons but, even moreso, are these conversations—I really appreciate them. You’re a top 10 for sure! 😉 Thank you for being so supportive.

As far as another platform, I’m not certain what you’re talking about?? I’ll never keep something like that from you, help me remember what you’re referring to and I’ll tell you everything I know. Could it have something to do with MEOS? I don’t remember saying anything about it because I just recently heard of it myself. MEOS is’s social media initiative they’ve just began talking about. But I literally just heard about it for the first time a few days ago. The only reason I’m even consciously aware of it now is because I have a really big stake in EOS. I began swooping up that token when it was an ERC20 at 54 cents in June, 2017. I rode it up to 87 cents before I began making big splashes. I have really high expectations for EOS, Pura Vida and I have nicknamed it “2A” for “second annuity,” so, to hear ANY news from is exciting for us. Is that what you’re talking about or...?

Thanks for stopping by @Janton. I’m really glad you like this article and I appreciate you asking for more.

Howdy sir dandays! sorry for the late reply. I spent most of the day offline so that is very unusual for me. Don't ever have to worry about not voting, I don't expect people to vote all the time and I don't keep track of those things anyway.

Yes your better half mentioned MEOS so what in the world is that? And what can you tell me about EOS? Why do you believe in it, what is it's purpose or what problem does it solve?

Yes I'm serious about the rest of what you edited out of the rant. I mean if you still have it or it's still in your head then it should be an easy post. lol. No, I didn't skim that post, that's why I put it off till the next morning that one night.

Thanks for the kind words, yes you are also one of my top ten people on here. Just think if this platform lasts for years to come! think how many people we'll be calling friends that we never met, many on the other side of the world!
I've never heard of, what is that?

I’ll try to explain what I know but I’ll be real with you, my good fortune with EOS heavily persuades my opinion of the coin. Let’s talk about that first.

Around June of 2016, i happened to catch a Jeff Berwick interview—he was interviewing a guy named “Dan Larimer.” Yeah, I wasn’t familiar with his name until that interview—his statistics were staggering.

I remember him saying Bitcoin is like a highway of information and can get congested. Ethereum is congested, too, he went into detail about scaling and how all of the top coins can’t scale successfully.

Well, that’s when he announced EOS that had literally been on the market less than a week. Some of the things he said in that interview were.. think of the other coins being highways, well EOS is like a double decker, 200 lane highway going back and forth that will never suffer scaling issues. Immediately, Berwick said “well a bunch of my listeners are going to beat me to the purchase.” I was one of them. I went pretty big on EOS and it’s still my hopeful amongst a sea of currencies I have in various wallets.

Then whatever drama went down between Larimer and Ned happened, they parted ways and now Steemit is doing what it’s doinf and Dan focused solely on EOS., in simple terms, is the company behind EOS similar to what steemitinc used to be to Steem, did I make any sense? I’m not a pro like many others around here but that’s about what I know about the coin. I also know my big splashes were well under $1, it’s currently running at $5 and has been as high as $22. So, now that they’re announcing a new social media platform, I’m really excited. I mean, look what Dan Larimer did with steemit. Can you imagine his next one when all of his kinks, bid bots, voting pools, etc are all worked out? Pretty exciting.

Howdy this fine Saturday sir dandays! oh that is so interesting and great information.
so you think Dan will make a social media site like steemit except hopefully eliminate all the negative aspects? THAT would be something! How do you keep track or find out when and if it launches?

He said that steemit was on it's last legs, I think that was last week. Do you think he knows something or if that was just him trying to hurt steemit?

All I know is what this page says, did you click on it yet? It’s actually real informative and apparently MEOS isn’t the first blockchain based social networking site on the EOS blockchain, there’s already one there called split I guess—I’ve never heard of it until I read that page.

I didn’t see anything on there about a launch date, all it lists is the day they trademarked the name of their platform. I think I’ve read people saying Dan left Steemit because of the reward pool and its complications, I don’t know for sure though, those were probably just someone’s opinions.

I didn’t catch him saying that about Steemit. One thing for sure, on that page, is all of the comparisons to Steemit. ‘They want to do this like Steemit,’ and ‘like Steemit that’ so I don’t think it’s on its last leg—hopefully I’m not wrong.

Like you or anyone else in this digital realm we’ve gotten ourselves involved with, I have no idea what he’s thinking. I would like to think he doesn’t mean harm toward Steemit, though, and any “last leg” comments are just routine competition talk.

howdy again sir dandays! yes that page says that Split hasn't even been released yet so now they're getting another one lined up? lol. me no savvy.
I hope he doesn't mean harm to steemit but it wouldn't surprise me because I've seen companies do anything to destroy each other my whole life for not much reason except they don't like someone.

At any rate, thanks for the information, what is on the agenda for you guys today, another dinner party with Miss Control Freak? lol!
It's raining all day here.

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