Wednesday walk challenge and Steem Basic Income Give away

Wednesday walk challenge and Steem Basic Income Give away

Wednesday Walk is a challenge started by me, the idea is to get out for a short walk and get some shots of what you can see within a short distance of your home office or wherever you start. And this is my entry for this week, but first, let me explain the challenge.

This is my post for the Wednesday Walk challenge hosted by myself, let me first explain the guidelines

Try and get out once a week for a short walk, can be from your office, home or anywhere really and walk for a few blocks or a few minutes looking for things to get shots of.

Your walk does not have to be on a Wednesday I just ask if possible to share your walk photos on a Wednesday.

Try and get a few shots not just one

You can look for anything in general or decide on one subject you want to get shots off.

Try to limit yourself to a set distance or time from the starting location, say 5 Blocks, 5 Minutes walk or whatever and see what you can find in that short distance

Make a point of looking around and up and see what you can find to get shots of that otherwise you may miss

Do a post with the shots you get on a Wednesday and tag it with #wednesdaywalk, also if you happen to join, please leave a link to your post in a comment on this post and I will try and visit them all.

Following me and resteeming the post so more see it would be appreciated but isn't a rule just a suggestion, but you may have a better chance of receiving a Steem Basic Income Share if you do.

I am not strict on these rules and hence why they are called guidelines and not rules

I will try and visit, resteem and upvote all who take part in the Wednesday Walk, plus I will be sending @steembasicincomeshares to a selection of those who participate.

And if you are looking for another fun challenge, check out the Make Me Smilehosted by @elizacheng, coming soon we will be working to collaborate on occasionally on these challenges,
The third Wednesday of the month out two challenges will collaborate so if you combine the two into one post you have double the fun

This weeks walk - On the beach

I finally made it for a beach walk recently, wasn't a bright sunny day, but it was nice to visit the beach and to know the weather will be improving and I will be doing many more beach shots

But spending time on the beach did make me smile so this is my Entry for @elizachengs make me smile challenge

1 Wednesday Walk on the Silver Sands Beach-2.jpg

Sony A7iii 55mm F8 1/640 ISO 100
*Click here to view larger

As you can see I was not the only one who thought it was a good day for a walk on the beach, of course some were also there to se the damage from the firs which I mentioned in this post

1 Wednesday Walk on the Silver Sands Beach-3.jpg

Sony A7iii 36mm F8 1/320 ISO 100
*Click here to view larger

Of course me bing me I could not do a walk on the beahc here without includiign a shot of Charles Island off the coast, but no pier shots in this post this beach does not have one.

1 Wednesday Walk on the Silver Sands Beach-4.jpg

Sony A7iii 78mm F8 1/320 ISO 100
*Click here to view larger

As you can see from this shot, even though people were walking the beahc it wasnt that warm as you can teell from what they are wearing

1 Wednesday Walk on the Silver Sands Beach-5.jpg

Sony A7iii 24mm F8 1/500 ISO 100
*Click here to view larger

I am not sure if this fence is there for any opther reason but it looks ot me it marks the divide between the Silver Sands Public Beach and the private beaches on the other sid eof the fence

1 Wednesday Walk on the Silver Sands Beach.jpg

Sony A7iii 47mm F5.6 1/800 ISO 100
*Click here to view larger

And this is looking down the shoreline on the other side of the fence, you can see some of the beach front properties on the left, now the people walking the beach are not trespassing, what I have learnt is the private property only extends to the high tide line, any lower on the beach you can walk along apparently

Steem Basic Income give away

I mentioned in the guidelines that from this week I will be sponsoring a few who join the #wednesdaywalk challenge with shares on Steem Basic Income

What is Steem Basic Income you may ask well here is how they explain it

Steem Basic Income is a social experiment to bring a basic income to as many Steemians as possible. Members join by sponsoring others into the program. Steem Basic Income is delivered through providing regular upvotes to member content. so I have decided to send some Steem Basic Income shares to 5 people selected through a random draw so on the weekend all people who joined in last weeks Wednesday walk. so I have decided to randomly draw names and send some Steem to add shares for some of those who joined last weeks challenge to @dswigle, @rwedegis, @bluemoon, @zirochka, @old-guy-photos, all people who joined in last weeks Wednesday walk . And a special bonus this week @elizacheng will send one SBI share to @yogajill,

I would love to be able to give everyone who joins a Steem Basic Income share, but I don't make enough steem each week to do so, but I will try and share them around fairly between those that join the challenge

I hope a few of you may find this an interesting challenge and decide to join in.

Unless stated otherwise all photos used in my posts are taken and owned by myself, if you wish to use any of my images please contact me.

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If your interested in thealliance Check out the latest posts

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!steemitworldmap 41.198698 lat -73.075915 long Silversands State Park Milford CT d3scr


Nice walk. Love #wednesdaywalk


Thanks so Much truly appreciate your kindness and support

Is there a bad day to be on the beach?

Lovely day and a good variety of pictures. Gee, wish I were there.☺

Thanks for introducing the other challenges and explaining, too.

No I don’t think any beach day is a bad day, I love the beach all year round :)

Thank you so much for the added STEEM!!! You are the best!!! @Tattoodjay! That is so thoughtful to add the extra bonus!

As always, it is fun to join the #WedensdayWalk!


JUst my way of saying thanks to people who join in :) thanks for the tip

Always. You know you deserve more, but, you are not getting it from me. :) Just saying.

Oh! I couldn't just write always. Too few words. LOL

lol see for me I could get away quite happy with just typing always and maybe throw in a smiley 😎

Haha! Of course you could :)

Always 😎

You must really smiling to see those beautiful blue skies and they do look awesome no more snow but still a bit cool for a swim i would say and i love that little island out in the ocean it look pretty cool :)

Ohh yes enjoying the blue skies and slightly warmer temperatures I must say Yes to cool for swimming yet, I haven’t actually swum for years I used to a lot as a kid but now i just paddle a little these days The Island is cool, they are trying to let its trees reubuld so although it’s oK to walk out on the sandbar to Island you cannot enter into the Island

I am sure you are enjoying it after those cold months and you will be enjoying it even more as it gets warmer :)

Indee I am another cool and rainy day ahead today but they will become less and less roll on Warmer days
Have a great weekend

Yes it's definitely rolling in my friend.

You have a great weekend also buddy :)

I will do my best :)

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Thanks for the resteem :)

Yey just discovered this and I'll sure join in this walk. Expect my walk anytime soon.

Thank you for helping minnows like me. Always look up those who always wished to help.

Looking forward to seeing your walk the more the merrier

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Lovely to see your beach photos. :-)

Thanks for your visit :)

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Thanks for the update

How do most people get to the island do they just boat or is it close enough to canoe, or is it even worth going to?

Wonderful pictures and with the warmer weather coming I need to make sure I'm more active in Wednesday walks. The only problem is most of the walks the wife and I go on are after dark so it's hard to take many pictures, but these are just excuses so I just need to make it happen!

Some go out by a yak or boat, but most walk out to it, at low tide when the sandbar is walkable but sadly many have timed it badly can got stuck out on the island when the tide rises or more sadly tried to get back as the tide rises and been caught in a rip and washed away since I have lived here it seems that happens once or twice a year so sad for those families of the people that drown

Remember with Wednesday walks the walk can be any day and anywhere, BEaches at night are so relaxing when it is quite but yes. Challenge for photos

Thanks for joining off to visit your post now :)

That’s cool combining thee two Off to check it out now :)

I just came home from some nice warm weather. It was awesome being able to walk around in shorts and a t-shirt. It definitely has me ready for Summer to get here.

Glad you had a nice warm day it’s hitting mid 50s here today and nice out so I took a stroll after lunch but then some strong winds coming this way and rain tomorrow so I had to make the most of today :)

We have been dealing with the winds the past two days. They are pretty much negating the pleasantness of the sun.

I think that will be the case when I leave the office i think they I’ll be around 25mph but gusting to 50

Great shots again for the Wednesday walk. I have done my walk already but no time so far for making it into a post. Something with cooking for 40 hungry teenagers on surf camp. Hope incan make a post later on today. Cheers from a sunny Engeland!

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Cooking for 40 teenagers better you than me i would have no time or energy to do nothing else
SUNY here as well and a nice temp at 60F 16 C I enjoyed a nice stroll after lunch

I did my posting today and it occurred to me just in time that today is Wednesday and I have been walking 😉

I would also like to have such a long and nice sandy beach for walking and taking pictures - I envy you, @tattoodjay 😎

I saw that a great post a walk with a camera you know i have to love it, I am so glad we moved here and have access to many beaches, it’s worthy he one commute :)

This is one thing I miss here at our lakes - long beaches to walk.

Most lakesides are built by houses or privately owned. Only a few bays are public. Some communities have parks and walks along the lake, which is nice but not compared to a long sandy beach.

If you ever get a chance to visit go to 90 MIle Beach in New Zealandits an amazing area but the name is false it is only 55 Miles long :)

OK, 55 miles are a bit long for a walk, but I can imagine that it's an amazing beach - I just have googled some photos ... beautiful!

It is amazing I did run it once I was thinking of doing a ultra marathon of 100 miles so as a test I ran this beach original plan was to also run back but I decided 50 plus miles was far more than enough for me and the guys that met me at end with water and food all agreed a visit to a bar or seven on the road trip back was better thinking lol

I bet, that was a nice run.
I used to run too until I was about 30, but more for me alone in the woods, along a river or on a mountain.
At about 30 I started smoking cigarettes and didn't do much sports anymore from then on, until last year, when I have quitt smoking for the third time. Now I go for walks as often as I can, and I go hiking on the mountains :)

It was indeed by the water it didn’t feel that long till the last few miles it was so relaxing fir the most part
And as for smoking I was bad was smoking back when I was running I would take a break or cut right back a few days before doing a marathon but then fall back into it after it

Glad to say I have finally broken that habit for a few years now

Muy buena la [email protected],y aplaudo esa manera de ayudar,su caminata muy placentera y bellas fotos,saludos desde venezuela y feliz tarde

Gracias por su visita y palabras amables, espero que el programa de traducción tenga sentido de lo que le estoy escribiendo.

Oooo, just what I needed to see this morning (yes, it's afternoon now, but I first saw this over my morning cup of coffee...😂). So I guess the rumors are true, spring might actually be here in the Northeast!

Thanks for sharing these awesome captures (I especially like geometry of the third shot, with the people inadvertently posing like the island trees behind them! )and extra thanks for inspiring my own Wednesday Walk post with some ocean shots from my archive!

Oh, and - !tip

Yes little signs of spring appearing and hopefully it will get into full spring mode soon
Thanks for the kind comment and joking Wednesday Walk 😎👍😎

I’m looking forward to participating in the Wednesday Walk challenge. It is finally getting warm enough in Minnesota to walk outdoors comfortably.

Glad to hear its warming up there looking forward to you joining the walk :)

Excellent photos as always! Love that beach, especially the last shot! Here's my walk for today:

Thanks kindly and will visit your post shortly

Beautiful photos, Jay, and a really great idea for a contest/challenge!

My entry for #wednesdaywalk:


Thanks, @tattoodjay!!!

Thanks for joining in on the walk, I love seeing peoples walks from all around the world

Just under four hours to go until Wednesday becomes Thursday, and got the post done.
Until reading the comments, I didn't know there were a lot of beach ones, I saw one beach post @rossfletcher, and then we had to head out. Chock up another beacher check from me too.

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk and there can never be to many beach walks as far as I am concerned 😎👍😎

Awesome photos @tattoodjay! Especially those
rocks jetting out to see the sea! :-)
Charles island looks interesting!
Here is our melt down walk lol

Thanks and thanks fir joining the walk and your great post 😎👍😎

Lovely beach shots @tattoodjay and glad you can get to the beach. Being at the water always makes me happy and now that I am officially home more permanently (at least through Summer) at Toad Hall, it is so good to see the ocean.

true at my families place in the midwest, I am also on the water, but there it is a lake and there is just something about the sea. And I can imagine that just out there a few thousand miles away is the UK :)

Hope all is well, I've not been able to get to everyone for commenting as much as I like as of late with so much running about and to-doing.

Today we have rain rain wind and more rain, but it's so nice to NOT see snow and to see the daffs pushing up through the soil.

first off no need to apologize for nor commenting, we all eat busy with other things at times :)Yes I grew up near the ocean then for many years worked and iced so for rom it loving being close to it again nowI saw the chance of snow in our forecast for Friday but today its changed to rinI can handle rain but do not want to see anymore snow

As an Australian, the whole concept of private beaches horrifies me. Nature is for everyone to enjoy.

as a Kiwi I feel the same I just do/not understand the/concept

Here is my entry post with one of my favorites :

Thanks so much for joining in the fun of Wednesday walk

I like to walk on the beach if there is no strong wet cold wind. judging by your photo, the day was not very windy so people came out to breathe the sea air :)

It was a little breezy but I think many like me had been missing the beach over winter so headed out anyways :)

this year winter is especially long

Here as well it is hanging on still here

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Thanks Kindly I love the map feature

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Is this the beach where the drummers meet?

NO this is Walnut Beach, the drum Circle is at Walnut beach which is better placed for nice sunsets which occur during the drum circle

Is Walnut Beach the same name as the other beach? Bottom line is I'm looking forward to seeing drumming at a beach (any beach) and at sunset photos. Come on summer!

OOps sorry that was a typo the Drum Circle is at Gulf beach which is th loosest beach to where i live as soon as I hear of the circle starting I will make sure to get there for some shots :)

Very lovely blue sky! Very sharp photos with lots of details! Not many people on the beach as it’s still rather cold!

Posted using Partiko iOS

  • I was lucky with gorgeous blue skies and yes still cold but soon the beaches will be full of people as it warms up

What a sweet surprise! Thank-you @elizacheng 💗☀️💗

Nice and cool beach photography to walk and weather is favor to you.
Today is my entry :

Thanks kindly and thanks for your entry this week