WednesdayWalk - Picture of the Old Town

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Hi, Steemit!!!

District The old town of Beer Sheva is very diverse. Walking there, you can see unexpected things. This part of the city sometimes looks very extravagant.



On the ruins of an old house a picture hangs on the wall. The house is gone, but the picture remains! :)

Right there, just around the corner on a nearby street, you will see it!


Completely different picture of the city!


On the wall of the house next to the flowers look very beautiful lights.



View of the central square of the area, which is five minutes walk from the house with lanterns.


This area deserves special attention. I will need to make special time to walk there for photos

Have a nice evening!!!


#WednesdayWalk initiated by @tattoodjay


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Ohh yes you will have to get more photos there what a contrast from the first photo to the rest of them

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

there it is not difficult: this area is all in contrasts :)

That make sit all the more interesting I think :)

Howdy tali72! thanks so much for the unusual views of the old city, very interesting. It's entertaining just to walk around and see the different sights!

you never know exactly what you see around the next corner :) thank you!!!!

Howdy tali72! I agree, it's a fascinating city and you do a great job of showing us!

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