Wednesday Walk Challenge : Tiny birds


Thanks to @tattoodjay for #wednesdaywalk. Always a fun day with a feed full of great posts! Today we took the time to photograph some of the smaller birds in our area. First one is a common starling - making his voice heard :)


Second one is an Anna's Hummingbird. They live here year round.


Third is a Black Phoebe. Cute little bird always a little too far away for a photo.


Above is a Killdeer. Hiding in the shadows unfortunately.


Of course, sparrows are all about. They move in little groups which are fun to watch.


Perched on the fence is a Gold Finch. Faded into the golden grass behind him.


Finally for the look up shot... a Red-tailed Hawk flying directly overhead. Ok not a tiny bird but still a fun picture.

Dublin, California. November 2018. All photos original.


amazing! especially Red-tailed Hawk! haven't seen it before

what an awesome set of shots so many different types of birds

thanks for joining Wednesday Walk tip!

thanks @tattoodjay and thanks for the tip!

MY Pleasure :)

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Great post of so many different birds! I love the challenge of taking pictures of little bird, frustrating at times, but if I get just one good photo, I am happy nevertheless :-)

thanks @icybc little birds are so pretty but so often I don't take time to appreciate

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