Wednesday walk ~ While the kids are away

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#wednesday walk by @tattoodjay

The old kids will play. A beautiful breezy pop corn sky sunny day. Perfect for going on the swings and and down the slides







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Cool the playground was deserted to get these shots

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Thanks! I wonder if it might be better with people in it... I always seem to wait for everyone to move out of the frame when i shoot. I'm sometimes worried about people freaking out


I do the same for the most part and wonder the same,

For children’s playgrounds i never take photos if kids are there, you get the strangest looks from the parents when you do that maybe because I am an older guy now LOL

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Very nice set of blue sky photos! Lively shots full of energy! No wonder you are always out and about!
How’s your cat?! I kinda of miss your cat.

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Thank you!

The kitties are good! Goldie is sitting on my lap!