[A Wonderland] Winter is Back! My #WednesdayWalk...

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Here we are in the second week of April and old Mother Nature has dumped another two inches of snow on us!
So I get to present to you my Winter Wonderland once more.
This is for @tattoojay 's #WednesdayWalk initiative (although these photos were taken on April 6th)

We'll start of with a tour looking around at the beautiful snowy trees and listen to the lovely sound of the white throated sparrow in the video below.

Tall Snowy Spruce at the Head of Our Lane

tall spruce at entrance to our driveway.JPG

Looking Down our Lane With Snow Covered Trees

looking down at head of the lane with snowy trees.JPG

Looking Down Our Road with the Snowy Trees

view down the road after April snow.JPG

Farm Fence and Snowy Trees

neighbors fence and snowy trees.JPG

I hope you enjoyed our winter wonderland but i hope that my next #wednesdaywalk will be showing more signs of spring like pussy willows and crocuses!

Photos were taken with my canon Powershot A495

Thanks for stopping by!

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As much as I am not wanting to see any more snow the video with the sounds of the birds is so beautiful what a cool walk

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk !tip


Yes I love the sound of the white throated sparrow and was so happy it decided to sing when I went out to take some pictures of the snow.

Thanks so much for the tip!


Its such a beautiful sound and most welcome for the tip


Was about to ask what bird was calling in the background on the video, found the answer @porters what a pretty white winter wonderland, even though you are going into Spring.

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Just lovely! And I'm so glad it's not here! LOL

  ·  last month (edited)

It tried to snow a little bit again here a couple nights ago, but got nothing more than a little dusting which was quickly gone by afternoon. We are finally getting away from the monochrome days of winter here on the Kenai Peninsula, we are sometimes seeing the color blue in our skies. The only bad thing about it all, the mosquitoes are coming out.

I like the quiet that the snow offers, but it does get old.


Ya I don't miss the mosquitoes at all but I am so ready for more spring type days to see some greenery happening!


I'll take a few bugs to see some real green, winter was just to long at my home. A couple miles away and hardly any snow on the ground at all, and we could do with a little more days of wind like we are having today to dry my driveway out, the oil guy on came in a few feet and then backed out because of the softness of our drive. Fortunately big enough tank to miss a couple fill ups.


Takes me back to old sayings...

If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping in a closed room with a mosquito. ~ African Proverb


A closed room with a mosquito - - been there done that, and for being so dang small in the quiet of the night they can make a heck of a racket.


Yeah, switch the light on and try find them stumbling around half asleep!

We saw some snow yesterday here in Wisconsin, but thankfully it didn't stick for long! I certainly hope you begin seeing major signs of spring very very soon!

An amazing winter

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Wow! Beautiful is all that I can say!
How long do your winters last?


Typically we get 5 months of winter but this year spring is a little slow coming.

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While it is very easy to grow tired of our long winters, there is something in its beauty that is so peaceful too!

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Beautiful images, @porters. We got the same here in Minnesota! While I am always ready for snow to be done by about the end of February, and yet we continue to get snow through March and into April, I have to say it really is pretty. I love the way the fresh snow frosts the trees and I am always out trying to catch pictures of it before the wind comes and blows it all out of the trees! Great #wednesdaywalk post. I am also participating! It's great fun.


Yes, because there is nothing I can do to speed up spring coming I might as well enjoy the beauty of the winter scenes - they make for fabulous photos too! But I am ready for some spring blossoms to photo for a change! It shouldn't be long now before the crocuses are up and the pussy willows are just starting to open.

oh no!
Snow is beautiful and all but I think it needs about "overstaying its welcome" haha :^)

Nice photos! They're framed really well! Each one looks like a painting 🖼

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