Wednesday walk 🚶

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#Wednesdaywalk by @tattoodjay




I started the walk at the express road in front of my office. That's the main express that you are gonna pass no matter where you are going


I crossd to the other side and enter a street and the first thing I saw is that bored addressing people not to sell the land
😂 😂 😂

I moved a little bit and still saw almost the same at an old Gate 🌉


I don't know what to call this, maybe gutter or lake, but it's too dirty, they throw used lylons and drop shits inside it


The plank bridge on the lake and a banana tree that grows beside


I saw a goat 🐐 trying to get something to eat when I moved up

That's the only beautiful building in the street

No treated water in the area but they dig bornhole and raised big tank to supply them water


A very tiny road that still lead to a building Door

And then I find myself in another street IMG_20180606_142019.jpg

And first thing I saw is a church

I moved on and saw a place uses for movie advert

A firewood for sale at a shop

Up to five stories building

And then I saw a place where they put many planks it's been so long there till now I still don't know what its been stored there for IMG_20180606_150703.jpg

I'm already on my way back to office so I saw a small sign post used as a warning for 🚕 taxi drivers

That's just little how I can go Far

thanks for reading

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Again, thank you for the tour. I think I would call the water a drainage ditch or maybe even an open sewer ditch. We have storm sewers that carry away excess rain water and melting snow, but they are mostly under the streets where we do not see them. Your photos are great! Are you using eSteem on your phone to make your post?

Oh thanks so much for the explanation

No I'm using normal steemit MA

Just wondered. I use eSteem on my phone and love it and now they have eSteem Surfer for your PC. They are very supportive with votes for their users.

I will try download it on my phone , my PC is faulty and I'm broke to get another one.

I use esteem on my phone and love it. If you do post from esteem, be sure to use eSteem as a tag, and write 50 words and you may get upvotes from them!

First tag or any of the five tags

Any of the 5 tags. Look though my biggest paying posts and you will see! It is random, but when you do get one, it is worth it!

You are so kind, thanks much MA

Thanks for taking us on a walk in your area so interestingto see


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